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This Week’s Nutrition and Health News

Here are a few of my favorite nutrition and health articles from the week;

Lancet Paper Blasts Cochrane Salt Study

(Several weeks ago there was some research that surfaced about how reducing salt levels doesn’t actually lower heart disease risk. Well, as it turns out, the results were false. Go figure.)salt

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Risk Factors For Heart Disease Increase By Fructose Consumption

(ALERT! AWFUL RESEARCH HERE!! They tested fructose, HFCS, and glucose. Umm, hello, why not sucrose?! We don’t typically eat glucose, we eat it in combination with glucose in a 1:1 ratio as a disaccharide called sucrose, or table sugar. Anyone else with me on this one?! I do have to agree with one thing, however, and that is that the Dietary Guideline’s upper limit for added sugar is too high.)

Really? The Claim: A Normal Heart Rate is 60 to 100 Beats Per Minute

(Don’t believe everything you hear! You could be at risk for a stroke if your heart rate is actually greater than 80.)

Position of The American Dietetic Association; Nutrition Intervention in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

(While my own experience with anorexia proved that an RD can actually be harmful, not helpful, I think I just had a bad experience because I was not seeing a dietitian who was trained in the area of eating disorders. I think dietitians play an integral role in ED intervention, but they need to be trained in working with eating disorders and they need to be a part of a multidisciplinary team of experts.)Nutrition and Health 1

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TV Product Placements Are a Junk Food Ad Loophole!

(Food companies have pledged not to market unhealthy foods and beverages to children, but instead they are turning to product placements in TV shows. I mean, seriously?! I’d rather they go back to making the ads. I think product placements are more subliminal and effective. Ugh)

The Problem With Serving Sizes

(Sorry, I have to disagree with this article. I think that the fact that our nation is 66 percent overweight or obese just goes to show us that while we may typically eat more than the average serving size, we shouldn’t! Why would we make the serving sizes larger just because most people eat more than a serving? That just sends a message that it’s ok to eat six cookies instead of three. So dumb. What they really need to do is work on making serving sizes more understandable, “3 ounces”…umm, what does that mean?! We don’t all own food scales.)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!! Starting tonight I’m on “stay-cation” for a whole week! Any fun plans for the evening??

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