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The Fruits of Our Labor; Day One of Butternut Squash Fest!

First let’s take a look at some nutrition and health news from the week.

Questions About Soy

(This article talks about the myth that only fermented soy foods are good for us. It provides a very unbiased view of soy and its benefits).

Restaurants Will Have to Dish On Nutrition

(Starting next year you will see calories listed next to your favorite restaurant foods!)

The Healthy Skeptic: The ABCs of Restaurant Grades

(Read at your own risk. Seriously, sometimes I don’t enjoy reading about pathogens and viruses being spread in restaurants, but it’s a good reminder to be careful when you choose your restaurants. This was also a good review for me because I’m taking my ServeSafe exam soon!)

Is Everything In Moderation a Farce?!

(This was a blog post by Ashley at Good Taste, Healthy Me. I found it very interesting and I left my opinion in the comment section.)

Should All Obese People Lose Weight?

(When are we going to just get rid of BMIs, for good?!)

College Students Not Getting Enough Fruits and Vegetables

(Quote from article: Even after considering the meals the students skipped, researchers found they were not even getting one serving of fruits and vegetables per day on average.


And the best news of the week…..

We picked out first tomatoes and butternut squash from our garden!Butternut Squash 4

These were the first of about 35. No joke.Butternut Squash 5

My goal for the rest of summer/fall/winter is to come up with a new way to use butternut squash, every week. So far, we’ve used it two ways;

After baking for an hour at 400 degrees…Butternut Squash 6

I cut up some of the squash and threw it on top of my salad (with fresh tomatoes, avocado, spring mix, lean ground beef, and blueberry balsamic vinegar).Butternut Squash 7

So delicious.Butternut Squash 8

And Nick likes to be boring so his first butternut squash dish was simple; roasted and then cut into chunks and thrown in a bowl with butter and brown sugar. Equally as delicious, I’m sure.Butternut Squash 9

QUESTION: Do you have any simple butternut squash recipes?? PLEASE send them my way! I will try to fit it into my squash schedule!

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