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Starting A New Chapter

Like all great relationships, mine and Nick’s has had its ups and downs. We started dating five years ago around the time when we both lost our jobs at the restaurant where we worked together (long story, for another day….). Soon afterwards Nick lost his father to heart disease. As the years went by Nick helped me survive two of the toughest years of my life in graduate school, we closed on a house right before I lost my job (and the economy was plummeting), Nick managed to quit an addiction he’d had since age 14 (Nicotene), and not long ago another job was lost and then captured again. What has kept our relationship strong is that we have managed to fill in all the in between moments with laughter…..great relationships mine and Nick’s

  • Spirit….great relationships mine and Nick’s 1
  • Activity….great relationships mine and Nick’s 2
  • Risks….great relationships mine and Nick’s 3
  • Random kindness…..great relationships mine and Nick’s 4
  • Finding new hobbies…great relationships mine and Nick’s 5
  • Making new friends…great relationships mine and Nick’s 6

And having complete understanding for eachother’s moments of immaturity….great relationships mine and Nick’s 7

As of 7:00 pm on Monday, August 8th, we are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend…..we are FIANCES!!! Nick proposed while we were on a bike ride down by the river near our house. It was perfect and completely spontaneous, just how I always wanted it to be. The ring is beautiful and I may post a picture of it one day, but to be honest I can’t stand when people post pictures of their rings. It’s one of those things that drives me nuts, so I feel kind of dumb doing it myself, you know??? I may have to be a huge hypocrite one day because I’m realizing why people do it, everyone keeps asking to see it! For now I have to get it re-sized because it’s too big (not the rock, the band, HA!). I went in to get fitted the day after my biathlon and I know I was really dehyrdated, therefore my fingers were swollen. I even told the guy who was fitting me that my fingers were probably bigger than normal, but I don’t think he understood that I really meant it. So basically my ring just falls off right now. Bummer. Oh well, I’m ENGAGED!!!!!

QUESTION: What’s your idea of a perfect proposal?!

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