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Here are some interesting health and nutrition articles from this week;

Genetically Modified Foods Don’t Sit Well In US

Want to know if your food contains GMOs? If you live in the U.S. you may never know.

Do you tend to eat more at night? Fattening food may be giving you the munchies.munchies

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Binge Eating May Be a High All Its Own


When Fatty Feasts Are Driven By Automatic-Pilot

My advice? Stick with complex carbohydrates at night. They help you sleep (by helping tryptophan cross the blood-brain barrier and convert to serotonin), and they may help fight the munchies since they aren’t packed with fat. Watch your portions though, obviously.

Extracting the Facts About Pomegranate Pills

Have you heard? Pomegranates now come in pill form. I find this strange, but maybe because I love pomegranates! I can’t imagine swallowing them in a pill, and not tasting their amazing flavors.pomegranates

Chain Restaurants Commit to Adding Healthier Items to Their Children’s Menus

It’s about time!! I’m just hoping that in addition to adding healthy foods, they also work on making their current not-so-healthy foods a bit healthier. What kid is going to order a veggie wrap over chicken nuggets?? Probably not many. I would feel great knowing that they chicken nuggets were lower in sodium and perhaps served with a fruit or vegetable instead of fries. I’m finding that most kids actually really enjoy broccoli.broccoli

Waterlogged America: Do We Drink Too Much?

In short, YES! We do drink too much water, and most often for the wrong reasons.

Meet Labels: A Lot of Fine Print To Read

Do you ever find it difficult to decipher what meat/poultry/pork labels actually mean? This article is a must-read! It defines many of the ambiguous label claims.

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