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Avocado Ice Cream and Perfiteroles

Nick’s sister, Meghan, is not only a surgeon but also a master chef. A few weeks ago she made dinner for Nick, Nick’s mom, my family and me, and of course it was amazing. As I usually say, the best part was the dessert. She made profiteroles (fancy name for cream puffs). If I would have made these, I would have used this recipe (Rachael Ray’s easy version), but Meghan did it the hard way and followed this recipe.Avocado Ice CreamThe “cream” inside this profiterole is actually gelato. She offered us one of three flavors; vanilla, coffee, or caramel. I chose vanilla and coffee, because….I wanted to  If you’ve never made profiteroles (or cream puffs) I suggest that you do. Even if you use the simple recipe, it’s a great way to impress guests. And of course, they taste amazing. I think if I ever do make profiteroles for a dinner party, I will fill them with Avocado Frozen Yogurt. Yes, you read that right, Avocado Frozen Yogurt!

I based the following recipe off of this recipe for Avocado Ice Cream, but I’m calling it fro yo because there is zero cream in this recipe (and zero added sugar!).

Gina’s Avocado Frozen Yogurt

Serves ~8


3 ripe avocados
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
~6 tablespoons Truvia (or any natural, sugar-free sweetener)
8 ounces plain yogurt ( whichever kind you prefer, but I used Stonyfield)
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
4 teaspoon vanilla extract


Place all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender, and blend until smooth. Transfer to a a bowl or ice cream maker. If not using an ice cream maker, freeze in an airtight container for at least 2 hours. When ready to use, let it thaw slightly, giving it another stir.bowl or ice cream** If you want this to be a vegan recipe, use soy or coconut yogurt instead of regular cow’s milk yogurt. **

Since the frozen yogurt is sugar free, it did freeze rather fast, and became really hard. In fact, it turned into a frozen ROCK in the freezer.freeze ratherAfter letting it sit out for about three hours, we were finally able to “chunk” it out (not scoop, it wasn’t smooth enough). While the end product wasn’t so pretty, it was the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever tasted (and Nick’s mom agreed!).Ice Cream 2I will be making this at least ten more times this summer. It was tasty even before it was frozen!

Nutrition Facts (estimated)

Serving Size: 1/2 cup

QUESTIONS: Do you like avocado? Have you ever tried it frozen in fro yo?! I actually made this recipe for work, but didn’t put it in the ice cream maker. In other words, I made the fro yo base, but gave it out and called it “avocado yogurt”, not fro yo, because it wasn’t frozen. I added some granola on top for a nice crunch. Some people loved it, others hated it….it was interesting. I loved it. What can I say, I’m an avocado FREAK!

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