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Good morning! Our party was last night and let’s just say I had a bit too much fun. But we had a BLAST! I will post some pictures on Tuesday (there aren’t many, but I still like posting party pics).

Starting today, I am going to do a weekly post of my favorite nutrition, food and health-related articles from the week. Here is a look at this week’s most interesting nutrition, food and health articles.

Nationwide Food Campaign Rolls Out!

(Just in time for summer, the FDA, CDC and USDA have teamed up to create some pretty entertaining and effective ads to remind you to be food safe!)

Is Saturated Fat Really the Dietary Bogeyman?

(I’m a huge fan of fat, as you all know, so this peaked my interest. Many people tell me they eat a low saturated diet, but they have no problem eating loads of white breads and pastas….not good!)Nutrition and HealthSource: iStockPhoto

Diet Sodas Don’t Help With Dieting

(The artificial sweeteners in diet sodas may actually be linked to weight gain. I’ll still drink one every once in a while, but for caffeine, I’m still sticking to coffee (at least is has some health benefits)!)

U.S Is Becoming a Nation of Snackers!

(You hear it all the time, “you should have three meals and two snacks each day!”, but I’m starting to think people think they should snack even when they aren’t hungry. This, coupled with a poor snack choice, could be contributing to our nation’s expanding waistlines)Nutrition and Health 1Source: iStockPhoto

Does Working Out On An Empty Stomach Really Allow You To Burn More Fat?

(Sounds nice, but not so much…)

Have a great Fourth of July everyone!Nutrition and Health 2

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