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So, You Think Your Kids Won’t Eat Healthy Foods?

Several weeks ago I read this article about how to get your kids to eat healthily, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I get a lot of parents who insist that their kids are “too picky to eat healthy” and they tell me they have given up. This article provides some fantastic tips that I hadn’t even heard before, and it gives hope to all parents out there who think their kids will never eat healthy. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.Kids Won%E2%80%99t Eat Healthy Foods 1

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Question: What’s your favorite tip for getting kids to eat healthy?

I was thirteen years old when I my brother Joseph was born. I can remember my mom buying the “off brands” of foods for him and then noticing Joe’s face when she served him the food. Automatically he assumed he wouldn’t like the food, simply because the product wasn’t familiar. This proved to me that children (and adults!) make judgements about foods before they even taste them, based on passed experience or (mainly for kids) marketing. As a parent, make sure that your child has little reason to judge healthy food in a negative way. Eat healthy foods yourself, and show them how much you enjoy them…it helps! And, if you need to put a healthier food in a different box (such as a lower sodium mac and cheese in a familiar Kraft mac and cheese box) do it. Another idea is to give meals fun names like; “Bodacious Bean-burger!” or “Spongebob Broccoli and Cheese!” . Kids love that.

And while on the topic of getting your kids to eat healthier, here is another great article to consider reading; When Kids Get Fat, Is Dad to Blame?

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