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Truvia and Red Hot

Today’s post is all about my favorite combination; Truvia + Frank’s Red Hot, mixed together into a beautiful sauce. It’s amazing.

Ok, I’m full of it. But really, these are two products I couldn’t live without. We’ll start with Frank’s Red Hot. Isn’t it….gorgeous?!Red Hot 1

And look, only a mere 190 mg sodium per tiny teaspoon. I suppose when I tell people I “never add salt to my food”, I’m lying.Red Hot 2

Red Hot was featured on the Food Network show Unwrapped not too long ago. The man who was interviewed actually took a drink from the bottle, just to show the viewers how much he loves Red Hot. Nick and I were both speechless. While we do love Red Hot, we’re not so sure we could ever drink it straight out of the bottle, but the man proved his point…it’s good stuff! Just like this lady here, we put this sh*t on everything!

Nick and I add a little Red Hot to many of our favorite dishes;






Ok, not oatmeal. That’s gross. But I’m open to trying anything

I was so happy to see a bottle of Red Hot right in the middle of this wonderful spread of food (below) on Easter Sunday. I mean, how can you have an egg casserole without Red Hot?!Red Hot 3

And the cayenne pepper, which is the “key ingredient”, may help speed up your metabolism, so what’s not to love? Buy some. Use it. Love it. Enough said.

Next, we have Truvia. I was once a Splenda girl, then I was a Previa girl, but now I’m 100% hooked on Truvia. It’s not that I don’t like the others, but my taste buds really think Truvia tastes the most like….well….SUGAR! And isn’t that the point?


Want to learn more about Truvia? Go ahead and read their faq page. I’ve heard a few people say that Truvia isn’t really “natural”, but you know what? That doesn’t bother me. It’s more “natural” than many of the other common sweeteners, and to me, it tastes a million times better. If it’s not truly 100% natural, oh well! In my opinion, it’s the better of two evils; the other being real sugar. And like I’ve said before, even foods or sweeteners that are 100% natural have been shown to have negative side-effects. Read my previous post about sweeteners to learn more about the research on some well-known sweeteners.

I love using Truvia in my oatmeal, my smoothies….smoothies

…and mixed into some Greek yogurt + unsweetened cocoa. Yum. Sometimes I also add a scoop of almond or walnut butter. Double yum.smoothies 1

QUESTION: What are two condiments and/or sweeteners you can’t live without??

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