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Sushi Surprise

Today, May 30th, 2011, marks our five-year dating anniversary!dating anniversary

Nick grew up on the same golf course where the Memorial Golf Tournament takes place (hole 11, to be exact), but like he said last night, “This week no longer reminds me of golf, it reminds me of the time I found the love of my life”….awwwww, tear (sorry, kind of cheesey, but I thought it was cute!).

On Friday we went to the Dairy Queen where we literally bought ice cream every single night when we first started dating (dating causes weight gain, and this is why!).dating anniversary 1

Like we used to, we bought two medium hot fudge sundaes with the fudge sauce on the side so it wouldn’t melt by the time we made it home.Sushi Surprise 1

And while I didn’t get a ring, Nick surprised me by taking me to a new sushi place. He hates sushi, so this was pretty special.

Sushi with tempura inside is pure genius. I took one bite and felt like I was in heaven.Sushi Surprise 2

This sushi was wrapped with cucumber instead of nori (seaweed). Inside the sushi was white fish, salmon and tuna. The sushi was topped with calamari and a spicy mayo and served over a bed of romaine with a ginger soy sauce. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe how tasty this was!Sushi Surprise 3

While at dinner I tried a Bud Light Golden Wheat beer. Nicole (Prevention RD) had talked about this beer in a previous post, and had mentioned how it tasted like Blue Moon. She was right! This beer is not only cheaper than Blue Moon, but it’s also half the calories. What’s not to love ?! I think I’m hooked.

Today I’m taking advantage of the sun and I’ll be doing some yard work, laying out and reading a new book, and then grilling out with the family. On the menu: grass-fed burgers with avocado and Swiss on whole wheat buns, served with baked beans, quinoa salad, berries and brownies!

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