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Getting in Shape for Summer

Nick and I are one GIANT step closer to having our workout room complete and ready for our powerful summer workouts. We recently purchased this elliptical from a friend who had decided he did not want it anymore. It was used maybe twenty times. We definitely got a deal! The only bad thing was we had to take it apart before we could get it into the house (our older house is filled with smaller doorways). Once it was in the house Nick amazingly put it back together.workout room 1The great thing about this elliptical, compared to our old piece of junk, is that we have control over the resistance (as all ellipticals should allow). It’s nice to be able to push myself by increasing the resistance and the incline/decline.workout room 2You may also notice that we purchased rubber flooring. I knew we’d be lifting weights in this room and I really wanted to have protection for our nice wooden floors. Also I hate getting sweat on the wooden floors. So far these rubber floors have been perfect. They only cost about $100 (check them out!).

Now all we need is a television so I can do my yoga via Exercise TV. Right now the only television with Exercise TV is in the basement, where there is no sun. It’s really hard to get motivated to go down there because it’s so depressing, dark and dry.workout room 3

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When the room is one-hundred percent complete I will share a full picture. I think I may want to paint it. What are some good colors for workout rooms? Any ideas?

I also bought a much needed pair of tennis shoes for summer walks, bike rides, basketball (in our backyard), and obviously indoor workouts. I’m into New Balance. I have crazy feet and these shoes always provide great support and comfort. I bought these off of room 4

And even though Nick and I are not engaged, we’ve started planning our wedding. So this is yet another reason why I need to work on keeping my body in good shape. I think we’re going to do a cruise wedding with all of our closest friends….I’m very excited! I will keep you updated workoutStay tuned for a post about the importance of protein. I’ll still never support the recreational use of protein powders, or diets that are extremely high in protein, but my next post will discuss the fact that we do probably need more than the RDA, and that some sources of protein are clearly better than others.

QUESTION: Do you have a workout room in your home, or do you prefer going to a gym, or always working out outdoors?

By the way, I received a comment on my asparagus guacamole post yesterday morning from someone who was asking me why I felt it was any healthier than avocado guacamole, which is full of healthy fats. I just want to tell that person to go back and read my post again. Not once did I say it was healthier. The asparagus guacamole contains less calories, more vitamin C and folate, but less of those healthy monounsaturated fats, and possibly less vitamin E. For those who are trying to lose weight the decrease in calories may be beneficial, but for those with heart conditions the monounsaturated fats are a nice benefit. The last section of the post explained how it would be a good idea to use half avocado and half asparagus. Why not have the best of both worlds?!

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