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The Magic Apron

Thank you so much for all of the amazing comments you left on my blog last week. I wrote about two very important issues and they were both well received. I really enjoyed reading, and relating to all of your comments!

Ladies, please tell me I’m not the only one with a significant other who refuses to cook and who will always choose to eat out unless there is a prepared meal placed in front of him. Anyone? Please? You’d think by now Nick would have the motivation to prepare healthier meals for himself on nights and mornings when I’m gone….I mean, I leave fruits, veggies, healthy bread, lean proteins, and even brown rice in the fridge for his convenience. But no, he continues to go to Chipotle or Subway each and every night I’m gone. What would happen if I died? I always ask him this. He just gets sad when I say that, boohoo.

Several weeks ago, my amazing friend Cathy presented me with a birthday gift. I had Nick model the gift for me. The very moment he put it on a light bulb turned on in his head, and he thought to himself, “I have the power to prepare meals for myself!!!”Magic Apron 1

I mean, check this thing out. When you pull the bottom half of the apron up it has all of the appropriate measurements and other cooking tips right there for you to see! If you’re interested, the apron is from Apron 2Magic Apron 3Magic Apron 4Magic Apron 5

On Sunday and Saturday mornings Nick buys breakfast about 99% of the time (I work on those mornings so the poor guy doesn’t know what to do for breakfast….), but I came home for a short moment yesterday morning and Nick had made this egg sandwich (below). I was speechless! Not only did it look beautiful, but it was actually quite healthy!

100% whole wheat bagel + 2 eggs + almond milk + nitrate-free bacon + reduced-fat cheddar cheeseMagic Apron 6

He even had an orange with this!!

QUESTION: Have you ever seen such an awesome kitchen apron before?! Do you have a significant other who may benefit from its amazing powers?!

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