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One of my favorite snack foods to discuss with clients are chips! Of course not all chips are healthy, and in fact most of them aren’t healthy at all. A couple months ago I found this article on, which listed the top ten most healthy chips.Healthier Chips 1

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I don’t always agree with these articles, but this one was written by an RD (making it much more credible, in my opinion) and I agreed with each and every one! Here are some of the chips that were listed;

  • Popchips; Salt & Pepper
  • Terra Chips; Plain Sweet Potato ** I would argue that all Terra Chips are a healthier alternative to regular potato chips. I tell clients about these quite often **Healthier Chips 2
  • Food Should Taste Good; Blue Corn Tortilla Chips ** I’m also a fan of their sweet potato flavor, and olive flavor…..YUM! **
  • Kettle Brand; Baked Potato Chips with Sea Salt
  • Sunchips; Original
  • Miguel’s Organic Gluten Free Dippers(this was not on the list, I added it!)

Many times when I’m trying to explain to people that a certain chip is actually healthier than others, they look at me in disbelief because the fat content is typically still really high. So, what do I consider a “healthier” chip?

  • Low sodium (under 140 mg per serving)
  • Under 1 gram of saturated fat, and of course ZERO trans fat
  • 2 or more grams of fiber
  • Good source (10% of DV, or more) of some type of vitamin or mineral; such as vitamin A in the Terra chips

When people tell me they eat pretzels for a “healthy snack” (ahem…DAD!), I try to nicely explain to them that there is zero health benefit from pretzels (and no, I could care less if they are baked and not fried);

What about whole wheat pretzels? Much better, in my opinion, because at least you are getting a good source of natural vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite chip? Healthy…or not, I guess I don’t care for this question. My favorite chips are Doritos! The chips I eat most often would be Terra sweet potato chips, and also the veggie chips I buy in bulk at the store.

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