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Whole Grain Confession and Granola Bar Name Vote

I just woke up from one of the worst sleeping sessions ever. All of the ice on our trees outside melted last night and the wind threw the water on to our roof all night. Let’s just say it was LOUD and SCARY! I wanted my mommy….

Thanks for all of your wonderful suggestions on what to name my granola bar! Here are some of the creative names you came up with:

Andrea: GinaBar

Lindsay: Gina’s Great Granola Bar

Anonymous: Cluster Bar

Jen: Ceres (which apparently means “Goodness of Agriculture and Grains” in Latin!)

Dance, Love, Dine: NutriLicious

Eating RD: Complete (a “complete” meal in a bar!)

One Healthy Apple: Full Granola Bar or Whole Granola Bar (to emphasize how balanced it is)

Julie Go Lean: Busy Bar or Grab’n Granola Bar

Nutri-Savvy: The Candid Bar (a wholesome, nutritious granola treat!)

Happiness in Health: NourishBar (complete nutrition, developed by an RD)

Melinda: G.I.N.A bar (stands for….Granola I Need Always or Granola Inspires Nourishing Ability) or any other ideas??

QUESTION: Which of these is your favorite?

So I have a confession to make. I have been telling people that if something is 100% whole grain, such as oatmeal, and there are 30 grams of carbohydrates in each serving than that means there are 30 grams of whole grains per serving. Well, I was WRONG!! So so sorry. After doing some research, I’ve figured out that the amount of whole grains in a product that is 100% whole grain, is the same as the serving size. For example, see the stamp below (created by the Whole Grains Council)

Let’s just pretend the stamp above was on the package below (it would likely say “48 grams of more whole grain per serving”, not 16 grams). Do you see the serving size? See how it says 27 biscuits, 55g? Well, since this product is 100% whole grain, this means there are 55 grams of whole grains per serving. Who knew?!?! Probably a lot of people, but I sure didn’t. They never taught me that in school!

The Whole Grains Council actually provides a list of all the foods with whole grains, including the amount of whole grain per serving. I would highly suggest perusing the site, it’s actually pretty interesting and easy to understand. They also have a list of gluten-free whole grains.

By the way, 16 grams of whole grains are what you need for one full serving of whole grain. You should aim for 3 servings, or more, of whole grains per day.

Question: Did you know this was how you could tell how many whole grains are in a 100% whole grain product??

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