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Thanks so much for all of your wonderful juice suggestions on my last post. Some of your juice creations were so creative! I can’t wait to try them. The sad thing is that many of the fruits you mentioned contain FODMAPs, but I can still use some of your ideas to create some FODMAP free juices.

Remember me telling you that Nick and I were going somewhere local for a delicious 6 course dinner, at a GREAT price?! It was awesome!dinner 1There were six courses, including an Amuse Bouche (bite-sized appetizer) and a pre-dinner homemade raspberry gelato for cleansing the pallet.dinner 2The steak was one of the best parts of the meal, even though I didn’t even order it. I ordered the salmon, which was also amazing, but the picture wasn’t blog-worthy. The steak, which was lovingly shared with me by Nick, melted in my mouth. Who wouldn’t enjoy a steak wrapped in bacon? It was outstanding.dinner 3Of course the great company was the best part of the evening…

Seriously, after five years I’m even more in love with Nick than I could have ever imagined (sorry, so disgustingly annoying, I know). Everyone keeps asking “when are you guys getting married?!”. My answer continues to be, “whenever we feel like it”. We’re basically already married, having lived together for the past four years, we just need to make it “official”. Last night we did discuss the topic, and I think next year will likely be the year.gelatoOk, back to the food. Aside from the amazing appetizer, gelato, steak, and salmon, the best part of the meal was the bananas foster. What can I say? I have a major sweet tooth. The goodness (and extra butter) of this dish made up for the fact that chocolate wasn’t involved.butterCan you imagine bananas fried in butter and loads of brown sugar?imagine bananasServed over a stick of butter.imagine bananas 1haha, no, not butter, but it looks like butter, right? It’s actually vanilla bean ice cream. This was the best dessert I have had in a very, very long time. I ate every last bite of it, and was even tempted to finish what Nick didn’t eat, but I listened to my stomach telling me to “stop! you’re full!” and watched the waitress whisp his remaining dessert away…..

I left about 5 pounds heavier, but 2 glasses of wine happier best dessertQUESTION: What was the best dessert you have ever had?

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