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Walnut and Chocolate Almond Butter

The second I opened my food processor on Christmas Eve, I knew what I would be making first; WALNUT BUTTER! I’ve always searched for it at the store, thinking to myself, “they make peanut, almond, soy nut, cashew, and even sunflower seed butter, but why not walnut butter?!”.Chocolate Almond Butter 1
I don’t get essential ALA (alpha-linolenic fatty acids) from many sources. I don’t eat a lot of flaxseed, I don’t use a lot of canola oil (I prefer olive oil) and I’m not big on soy, so walnuts are my main source of this essential fat. When I made my walnut butter I decided I wanted to add some cocoa roasted almonds too.Chocolate Almond Butter 2

These are a new addiction of mine. They are made by Emerald and they taste like magic in my mouth.Chocolate Almond Butter 3

The nutrition facts are very similar to almonds, but I swear they taste like Oreos! Some of you will probably look at the ingredients and turn up your nose because of the artificial flavors and the potato starch. I, on the other hand, am not too bothered by this. I don’t eat them often, so who cares?!Chocolate Almond Butter 4

When making my “walnut and chocolate almond butter” I used 3.5 cups walnuts, and one half cup dark chocolate almonds.Chocolate Almond Butter 5

Like magic, four minutes later I had butter!Chocolate Almond Butter 6

And this was certainly not just any butter, this was the most amazing nut butter I have ever tasted. I’m not kidding.Chocolate Almond Butter 7

I’ve been eating it with my morning oats ever since.Chocolate Almond Butter 8

 QUESTION: Have you ever made your own nut butter?

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