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Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream and Cat Cora

Before I start today’s post I want to let you know that I updated my last post, which focused on the Five-Hour Energy product. I was wrong, the serving size is not one half of the bottle!! My bad. Please click the link above to read my updates, if you wish. I also added a bit of information about the folic acid in the product.

Now it’s holiday recipe time! What was your favorite flavor of ice cream as a kid? I can remember being obsessed with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I still love it, actually, and for some strange reason it took me over two years to finally make some with my ice cream maker! But alas, I have created the perfect peppermint chocolate chip “light” ice cream.


~1 T Peppermint extract
(more or less, depending on your preference, but I like my ice cream minty!)Peppermint

~ 6 Dark chocolates
(you can use any chocolate you want, but obviously Dove is awesome, and dark has more health benefits than milk)Chocolate

2 cups chilled half and half
(you could use fat free half and half, but the texture just isn’t the same)

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
(you can use any milk, but if you want your ice cream to contain less fat use skim milk. You could also use soy or rice milk.)rice milk

~ 3 T unsweetened dark cocoa powdercocoa powder

3/4 cup sugar
(I used a little less than 3/4, just to reduce the sugar a bit)


In a medium bowl mix together the sugar and almond milk. Once the sugar is incorporated into the milk, add the chilled half and half. Mix well.

Add the peppermint extract, mix again.

Pour into the ice cream maker, turn it on, then add the cocoa powder while the machine is churning.

Set your timer for about 18 minutes and make sure the cocoa gets incorporated well (I had to use a rubber scrapper a couple times to scrape the edges as the machine was churning).

Meanwhile, cut up the chocolate into chunks or shreds of chocolate (I chose a bit of both)Chocolate 1

After about 18 minutes the ice cream should be ready. Turn off the machine and add the chocolate! Mix the chocolate into the ice cream, then put in freezer so it gets a bit more solid.Chocolate 2

Don’t have an ice cream maker? I think this would be great even if you used a blender, then put it in the freezer to freeze. The texture wouldn’t be quite the same as ice cream, but it would still taste amazing.

Final product; 10 out of 10

My best ice cream YET!Chocolate 3

QUESTIONS: Who’s your favorite Iron Chef? What was your favorite childhood ice cream?

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