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Do You Ever MOJO?

Are you a fan of snack bars? I have a love/hate relationship with them, but the Mixed Nut Clif MOJO bar is one of my favorites! Here are some of my thoughts on this delicious and cheap snack bar.

A Few Additional CommentsClif MOJO bar– Glycemic index, which I indicated “has to do with the fiber and protein” also has to do with the carbohydrate content of the food. It was designed for diabetics, but for some odd reason it has now become a huge marketing tool, making people believe that it’s incredibly important for anyone to look for low glycemic index foods. There is some research that says the glycemic index isn’t very helpful for blood sugar management, but some research says the opposite. Either way, I don’t like it. Sure, it’s good to know that a food won’t cause a huge spike in blood sugar, but I would rather focus on having people look at labels for low sugar and higher fiber content, rather than focusing on glycemic index.

– The vitamin E from this bar isn’t just from the almonds. They also added vitamin E. I don’t always appreciate this, but I believe this was mainly for preservation purposes.

– You’ll also find another source of sugar in this bar, called oat syrup. Just because it’s from oats, doesn’t mean it’s any better for you. But again, the total sugar is only 8 grams so I’m still satisfied with this snack.

– For those of you following the low FODMAPs diet, I will just say that this bar may give you stomach troubles. Lately I have been paying attention to how I feel after eating these bars and sometimes I do get bloated and gassy. It could be all the different types of syrups, or the pretzels (with wheat), or the nuts, I’m not sure. I have found that eating only one half at a time doesn’t bother me.

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