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Bean Burgers and a New Beano

What do you get when you mix these ingredients?BeanoA wonderful bean burger!bean burgerbean burger 1What else?

Lots of gas!bean burger 2But if you take one of these wonderful pills BEFORE you eat that fiber-filled bean burger, you won’t get gas! Yep, your eyes aren’t fooling you, Gas-X now makes their own version of Beano. Beano costs about two dollars more, so I suggest checking this out. With the Gas-X version you only need to take one pill and you’re good to go (take it from me, they work just as well as Beano). Be sure to take the pill before your first bite of problem food.

Gina’s Bean Burger Recipe
(Makes ~7 burgers)

1 can black beans (partially drained, keep about 1/4 cup worth of liquid)

1 cup Fiber One cereal

1 cup raw spinach

1 beaten egg (or 1/4 cup egg beaters)

4 T ground flaxseed

~1 T Red Hot

Garlic, as much or little as you want **I omitted this from mine because I can’t eat garlic, boo**

1) Grind the Fiber One into a powder with your food processor or Magic Bullet

2) Smash the “almost fulled drained” beans in a medium sized bowl.

3) In a large bowl, combine the Fiber One, the beans, and the rest of the ingredients and blend well with a clean set of hands.

4) Make into patties and heat in a greased pan for about 3 minutes on each side!

Nutritional Highlights

– ~100 calories

– Lots of cholesterol-lowering fiber

– Phytoestrogens called lignans (may help fight estrogen-sensitive cancers)

– Iron, magnesium, and B vitamins for overall healthy and wellness

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