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Gluten-Free For Better Health and Weight Loss?

Think you should start a gluten-free diet to help you lose weight? Think again! Recently the gluten-free industry was “warned” about the nutritional content of their foods. Read this article for the full details.

Gluten free foods tend to be lower in fiber, protein, iron, and calcium, compared to their gluten-filled counterparts. This is because many of the grains and other ingredients used to replace wheat flour are low in these nutrients.

Think your gluten-free cake or brownie mix is better for you?

Think again.

I’ve noticed a majority of the gluten-free products actually contain more sugar. No thanks.

The real reason a gluten-free diet may help someone lose weight is pretty clear to me….it automatically restricts a person’s food options! Think about it. When you can’t have gluten you can’t stop at the demo table at your local grocery store to try the latest food craze, you can’t eat at a majority of the restaurants (although this is slowly changing), and many times you can’t eat foods that are served to you when you’re a guest at a dinner party.

So the bottom line is that a gluten-free diet may help you lose weight, but not because gluten causes us to gain weight, it’s actually because you will likely end up eating less in the long run (or at least until you get used to the new diet!). Do I suggest this? Not at all, unless you really need to go gluten-free for medical reasons.

The good news for Celiac sufferers is that companies might start using more buckwheat flour (a whole grain, which does not contain wheat) in their products, which will significantly impact the nutrition of these products.

Examples of Gluten-Free Whole Grains



Corn (whole is best)


** Oats (oats are only gluten-free if the package indicates they are gluten free) **Oats


Rice (brown is best)



Wild rice

I recently tried this gluten-free product and was very pleased with the taste, and nutrition profile.Oats 1

The ingredients in most of Mary’s Gone Crackers products contain quinoa, brown rice, flax seeds, and sesame seeds, which all provide some type of health benefit. I highly suggest checking out some of these products!

Question: I don’t think anyone should go gluten-free unless they have to, but gluten-free products can still be enjoyed by anyone, so what’s your favorite? Personally I really like the above products, and Bob’s Red Mill’s wheat-free flours.

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