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Elimination Diet; End of Day Four

Only three more days! And guess what? My cravings have pretty much disappeared. Sometimes it just takes a few days of getting it “out of your system” for cravings to diminish. Does this mean I will never eat chocolate or peanut butter or dairy again? Heck no, because I never had a problem with eating too much of it in the first place. However, if I really felt I ate too much and didn’t have control over these foods, I might end up giving them up for good.

By the way, thanks for your suggestions on a dairy and soy free yogurt. The only issue I have is that the most popular suggestion I received, coconut yogurt, doesn’t come in a plain flavor! Thankfully the cultured coconut milk does come in plan. The flavored ones all contain ingredients I can’t have either on the elimination diet, or FODMAPs. My life is over. hehe, jk.

A few more new things I’ve discovered since my last post;

– I love organic chicken. Seriously, it tastes like a whole new product! I always buy natural chicken (without added hormones) but the extra benefits of the organic chicken really show up in the taste. Maybe it’s just the particular brand I bought? Who knows, but it’s delicious.

– I am not really feeling any better, overall, but then again, I never felt bad. I think my real elimination diet was my FODMAPs diet. I’ve felt great since taking all of those foods out of my diet. Actually I’m finding out that I really shouldn’t be drinking the cultured coconut milk. It’s giving me bad gas. I’m not supposed to have coconut according to FODMAPs, but someone told me that some people can handle the milk. Apparently, I can’t.

I was hoping giving up dairy would help my allergies (I’ve heard some people swear by that concept…) but I’m still getting random allergy flare ups in the middle of the day. Maybe I should be more patient?

– I’m able to survive on only about 200-250 mg caffeine per day, still! Sure, you may be thinking that’s still a lot, but considering just last week I was doing 300-350 mg/day, I’m pretty proud of myself. We even have coffee available to us all day long, for FREE, at Market District, but I haven’t touched it.

Here are some things I’ve been eating:

Lunch is still a spinach salad with veggies, quinoa, and balsamic vinegar. Tomorrow I’m going to add organic chicken to my salad.spinach salad 1I’ve also been packing this delicious acorn and butternut squash soup, for which I will post directions and the recipe soon. It turns more soupy once it’s heated (the picture below was taken when it was cold).butternut squash soupI’m also packing my granola, veggies chips, and a banana.

I’ve also started eating these curry flavored twigs. They are fabulous!flavored twigsDinners have been steamed kale, topped with tomatoes and nutritional yeast. This combination is actually very satisfying. I have some type of fish every night for my protein. Last night it was salmon, tonight I did tilapia.salad 3We gave out Halloween candy tonight.candy 1This was staring me in the whole time (and still is…).candy 2Now that the Trick-Or-Treating is over, I will make my new favorite “elimination diet dessert”!blueberries ice creamI mix about 1/2 cup frozen blueberries with about 3/4 cup almond milk and some Stevia in the Magic Bullet. I then put it in the freezer for about twenty minutes. It’s incredibly satisfying and I plan on making this even when I’m no longer on this diet. Who needs ice cream when you have this?!?! Ok, maybe I still want ice cream, but this is a great substitute every once in a while.

I’ll post again on Sunday, my last day! I may end the diet Sunday evening, since I started on last Sunday evening so technically that would be a full week…. We’ll see how I feel!

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