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Soy Butter. My New Peanut Butter?

I’m a big fan of soy, despite some of the scary information that can be found online. I still believe it’s good to consume soy, whether it’s for heart health, cancer prevention, or just as a way to get some vegetarian protein. And as I’ve said before, eating soy may help prevent some of the dreadful side effects of PMS.

My mom introduced me to this SoyNut butter a few weeks ago. At first I wasn’t a huge fan, and to be honest I still don’t love it (and no, it’s not my new peanut butter!). However, I discovered it works really well in recipes, and it mimics the taste of peanut butter in my Low FODMAP granola recipe, and even my lower fat/lower calorie buckeyes.Peanut Butter 3

And yes, it looks just like peanut butter!
(it comes in crunchy too)Peanut Butter 4

They say this soy butter has “1 Net Carb” because if a product has 5 or more grams of fiber, per serving, you can subtract those grams from the total carbohydrates. This is mainly important for diabetics who have to count their carbs, so I’m not particularly interested in this.

The real reason why I think this is a great alternative to peanut butter is……….

…..what do you think by looking at this label?label

More protein than most nut butters

More fiber than most nut butters

Less saturated fat than most nut butters

Even though it’s not written out, I would assume this product is a good source of Omega-3 fats (alpha linolenic acid).

Less sodium than most nut butters (almond butter typically has even less)

Less sugar than most nut butters (especially the reduced fat varieties)

It contains 1/3 of your soy for the day (~25 grams of soy is recommended for heart health)

Contains isoflavones, which may help prevent certain cancers

Question: Have you ever tried any type of soy nut butter? What about sunflower butter?

Stay tuned for a cookie recipe, which includes soy nut butter, coming up on Sunday!

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