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Veggies, Veggies, Everywhere!

I thought I was the person in the house who was most excited about having a garden, but I thought wrong. Nick has become the “garden guru” and I swear he’s spent more money on our garden than he has on anything, ever, in his life. When I came home from Pittsburgh I was happy to see he had purchased a compost bin (I think this was money well spent).compost bincompost bin 1

He also moved our water bucket closer to our garden. When it rains the water will go through the gutters and drop into the bucket, which will then be used by us to water our garden! The compost will be used for fertilizer the next time we plant a round of seeds.compost bin 2

Check out our pumpkin and squash plants! They are taking over the entire garden.compost bin 3Veggies 1

Who needs canned pumpkin when you can grow your own? Hmmm…actually I DO! While this little guy (below) really excites me, and I can’t wait to puree it and add it to my oats, I still miss Libby’s canned pumpkin Veggies 2

Nick has estimated that we will be producing over 50 squash. Some are yellow squash.Veggies 3

And some are acorn squash (our favorite!).Veggies 4

I saw a commercial for V8 juice the other day, which claimed: “Drink one serving of V8 for three servings of vegetables!” Why would I drink V8 for three servings of veggies when I can enjoy them fresh and whole from the market or my garden?! Not to mention the fact that V8 is FIBER FREE.

This kale is from our garden. I added it to the skillet with some EVOO and roasted tomatoes.Veggies 5

The final product, over some egg whites, and sprinkled with some nutritional yeast. Perfect.Veggies 6

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