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Innovative Ways To Increase Omega-3s!

Recently I was sent some coupons for Tempt Living Harvest Hempmilk. I was also sent a coupon for a free container of hemp ice cream, but even Whole Foods doesn’t carry it. So my question is…..who the heck does?!Tempt Living

Here is a little background about the company and their products.Hempmilk 1

To read more about hemp, visit this page on their website. I love the first line, “It isn’t marijuana!”. haha

Hemp milk contains two types of fatty acids of which you may have never heard before. GLA is gamma linolenic acid. Is is produced in the body from linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid. GLA has been shown to help reduce inflammation. It’s sold in supplemental form, but as I always say, I prefer to get my fats, vitamins, and minerals from food.Hempmilk 2

SDA (Stearodonic Acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid, which efficiently converts to EPA (the omega-3 found in fish oil) more so than ALA (alpha linolenic acid). In fact, some studies have shown that SDA converts to EPA 2.5 times more efficiently than ALA alone! The great thing about SDA is that it’s typically found in vegetable oils, not animal sources, therefore it’s a great vegetarian source of EPA. The only downside is that there is no conversion of SDA to DHA, which is another important omega-3 found in fish, and which may play a major role in heart health.

Sometimes you have to be careful when you buy different types of milk, such as almond, soy, hemp, or rice, because they are not always fortified with vitamin D, and some aren’t even fortified with calcium! This hemp milk didn’t disappoint; 30% DV calcium, and 25% DV vitamin D. Did I mention it also tasted fantastic?!Hempmilk 3
Are you someone who hates swallowing pills? We sell this (below) at Giant Eagle, and it seems to be really popular.Tempt Living 1

I added it to one of Nick’s smoothies and he didn’t even notice. In fact, when I asked him how his smoothie was (when I do this he always gets suspicious) he said, “It’s great! Very citrusy”. HA! I did taste his smoothie and I could sort of taste the lemon, but I think that was because I knew it was in there. I figure it could also be added to yogurt, or if you’re daring you could eat it (drink it) alone. One Giant Eagle customer said she likes it in her strawberry milk. That sounded strange to me at first, but strawberry and lemon may actually be tasty!

Supplement Facts

~720 mg EPA/DHA (perfect!)

Sweetened with the sugar alcohol, xylitol

NOT vegetarian

How about some omega-3 in your burgers?!sugar alcoholsugar alcohol 1sugar alcohol 2

Adding flaxseed to this very lean ground beef was the perfect way to increase the moissugar alcohol 3sugar alcohol 4ture without increasing the saturated fat (and with the flaxseed you get some essential omega-3 fats).

You can eat the beef as a burger, or add it to rice and veggies for a nice healthy dinner (this is Nick’s poker dinner, which I pack for him on Tuesday nights when he plays poker).healthy dinner 8

So, we’ve got liquid fish oil, hemp milk, and flaxseed in burgers, which are all innovative ways to get some essential fats in your diet.

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