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Who Is The Candid RD?!

Hello readers! Welcome to my blog. My name is Gina and I’m a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio. I graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, then graduated from The Ohio State University with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. I currently work full time as a university dietitian, after three years working as a supermarket dietitian (very different jobs, but also very rewarding and challenging in the best ways possible). I call myself The Candid RD because, well, I’m honest about my opinions on foods, products, and nutrition information. I started this blog because I got sick and tired of hearing and reading false and misleading nutrition information everywhere. The public is misled so often and my goal is to clear some things up for you, my loyal readers, as much as possible.

This blog is my outlet for sharing my favorite healthy (mostly…) recipes and food creations, as well as my opinions and thoughts on nutrition, food, and health.

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Hi, my name is Rebecca Houston and I am a writer. I write about health, healthy food and daily meal plan for various websites.
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