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Sweet Potatoes in Everything. Literally

There are two things in life that I believe taste good in or with just about anything. The first is nut butter (any kind; peanut, almond, cashew), and the second is sweet potato (or canned pumpkin, if I could ever find any!).

Just look at it. I mean, it’s so ugly, right? Yet so good (and good for you)!Sweet Potatoes in Everything. Literally 1

The other day Melissa mentioned that she’d been wanting to try the combination of almond butter and sweet potato. So, of course, I had to give it a try myself. I grabbed my new favorite almond butter; Blue Diamond Crunchy and went to town.Sweet Potatoes in Everything. Literally 2

Even cold, this combination was AMAZING!Sweet Potatoes in Everything. Literally 3

The next morning I created this…..Sweet Potatoes in Everything. Literally 4

I had been missing my pumpkin oats so Nick had the brilliant idea to add sweet potato to my oats! I knew I loved him for a reason (many reasons….). This combination is a MUST TRY! Oat bran, 1/2 skinless sweet potato, 1 T almond butter, 1/2 cup organic plain yogurt, and 1/2 packet Truvia.

Sweet potato can also make a great thickening agent in a smoothie.Sweet Potatoes in Everything. Literally 5

Yeah, the banana helps thicken as well, but the sweet potato ads a naturally sweet taste, tons of beta carotene, and alpha-carotene (both of which are cancer fighters, heart protectors, and quite possibly anti-aging nutrients), and fiber. Sorry, Mr. Banana but you’re not as amazing as the sweet potato (although I still love you).

After adding 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup soy milk, and 1/4 cup juice, I blended this beauty and created this:Sweet Potatoes in Everything. Literally 6

More Ways to Use Sweet Potato

Side dish, plain

All doctored-up (check this out)


Soups (here’s a good recipe)



Post-workout fuel (example)

Today’s Trivia

Do you know the difference between a sweet potato and a yam? According to the book “Why Does Popcorn Pop”, by Don Voorhees, yams are more starchy and less sweet. You really can’t find yams in America, unless you live in specific parts of Florida (where they are grown). They are also grown in Latin America. When you see “canned yams” at the store, they are really sweet potatoes. Tricky, eh?!

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