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Loaded Potato, and a Supplement Drink Review

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope this week is going well for you. My week has been much better than the previous weeks, that’s for sure. Buying a new house has been a lot more stressful than I thought, and Nick is also changing jobs and starting with a new company soon, which adds to the stress. It’s a risky move, but I think it will be a good one (more information to come, as well as some updates on my own work life..more stress….).

On Monday night I made a sweet potato recipe that I found on Jessica’s blog, which I will post another day, but today it’s loaded baked potato time!

Quick, Healthy, and Cheap Recipe #23
Loaded Baked Potato


1 medium potato
1/2 cup broccoli
1/4 cup avocado
1 T blue cheese dressing
3 ounces grilled chicken
Pepper for taste

Possible Modifications

  • Use any vegetable you wish, to replace the broccoli
  • Use any dressing you wish (sour cream or plain Greek yogurt maybe?)
  • Use more or less chicken, or even tempeh or tofu!
  • Add any spices you wish

– Poke some holes in a plain potato. Pop it in the microwave for 10-13 minutes, or until it’s soft to your liking (you could also bake or boil the potato, but the microwave is much faster). Once it’s finished, put it on a plate and cut it into four sections (or you could just cut it in half).

– Prepare the avocado by slicing it on a cutting board. Cook your broccoli (I buy frozen broccoli and steam it) and cook your chicken (I like to marinate mine in a little EVOO, then cook it on the stove until it’s cooked all the way through).

– Add all the toppings in whatever order you wish. Then enjoy!Supplement Drink 1

Nutrition FactsNutrition Facts 16


Nick and I both gave this a 9 out of 10. Why had it been so long since we had made a baked potato?!?! They are so healthy, when prepared the right way (ie not deep fried or drenched in sour cream and cheese).

Coming Up

Tomorrow I will post about a new summer/spring spinach salad I’ve been making lately. Mmm, it’s so good! I will also post some of the great nutritional benefits provided by the wonderful spinach plant (and when I say great, I mean it).

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