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Thanks to everyone who has entered my giveaway! I read everyone’s comments last night and it sounds like Chobani needs to start cranking out more blueberry yogurt. I think about 70% of you like the blueberry flavor best. I do too

The following is a list of some of the random information I have learned from blogs, magazines, and newspapers this year. I literally wrote these down on a piece of paper so I would never forget them. Sadly I can’t give credit to who/what produced this information, but I only wrote down information from sources that I trusted.

DID YOU KNOW…… ??Did You Know1) Children laugh 400 x per day, adults 8-10. Today, be sure to LAUGH!

2) Kids are more likely to eat veggies when hungry, so serve them as appetizers so they are more likely to eat them.

3) If you’re looking to have better sex, the following foods may help; avocado, saffron, chili pepper, vitamin C and E, asparagus, oysters, chocolate.

4) High stress=Low testosterone. Don’t be offended if your partner isn’t interested in making love, it may be a sign he is stressed.

5) The probiotics, which are naturally found in yogurt, ferment the lactose in yogurt and create lactic acid, which is why yogurt is good for people with lactose intolerance!foods5) Calcium citrate and carbonate are the best absorbed forms of calcium (this is ironic too because calcium carbonate is what is found in my soy milk. Funny, the USDA doesn’t count soy milk as milk!).

6) Want to benefit from prebiotics? One source said to try to get 5-7 g/day. You can find prebiotics in so many foods now, as inulin (which companies are calling “fiber” even though it really isn’t) is a prebiotic. Prebiotics are found naturally in kefir, artichokes, raw garlic, wheat bran, and raw onion.

7) MAX heart rate=220 minus age. Workout to this, or 85% of this for maximum intensity, and for maximum calories burned.

8) To find out how much fluid you should consume each day divide your weight by 2, and consume that number, in ounces. Obviously this is an estimate. As I said in a previous post, it also depends on your diet and activity level.

9) Polyphenols (found in dark chocolate, tea, berries, etc.) have little antioxidant activity. Their benefits come mainly from their effects on cell signaling processes, which may help prevent diseases such as cancer.tea10) Whole grains are fantastic. They have phenols, flavanoids, vitamin E, and fiber. Unlike refined grains, which have very few of these, if any.

11) You need 80 minutes of sleep for a full sleep cycle. This is why “cat naps” sometimes give you such fantastic energy. If you woke up for work in the morning in the middle of a cycle, and only got through 60 minutes of your sleep cycle, a 20 minute “cat nap” will complete the cycle!sleep12) It takes 30 minutes for caffeine to kick in.

13) Did you know that Jessie is having a Peanut butter giveaway?!

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Today I did a presentation at the Columbus Zoo about reading food labels, and tomorrow we have a booth at their annual employee health fair. You should see the fun game we have planned, and the great prizes!! I will post about it on Thursday.

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