Breakfast of Champs and Time Management Strategies for Living Healthier

Thanks for all of your comments about labels on my last post! I asked for your opinions as to some other changes that may be necessary, and I found that many of you agreed there should be nutrition facts on alcoholic beverages. I couldn’t agree more! I really don’t understand why they aren’t there in the first place, and how those companies get away with it. It’s strange…

I also received this comment on my blog, from an anonymous reader:
Gina, as you seem quite knowledgeable regarding all matter of food-related subjects, I have one rather profound question in my opinion) for you: Considering that over the past 30 years or so the number of professionals who deal in health-oriented professions (such as yourself) has increased exponentially in concert with our exposure to nutrition facts (e.g., witness fast-food chains’ relatively recent reporting of their meals’ nutritional information), why do we, as a nation, continue to live unhealthy lifestyles and gain exorbitant amounts of weight in the process? Wouldn’t you think that an influx of health professionals and an enhanced access to nutrition information would help alleviate some of the impacts associated with our pervasive obesity epidemic?

My thoughts: This is a fantastic question. As I read this question I couldn’t help but think about all of the “health professionals” that I know, many of whom don’t even practice what they preach. Think about it, how many times do you walk or drive by a hospital and see doctors and nurses outside on a smoke break? How many doctors, and even RDs, do you know who are obese, smoke, don’t workout, and/or have poor diets? I can actually think of a few off the top of my head! My point is, yes, there has been an increase in the number of people who are choosing health professions, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are teaching the right stuff (many doctors don’t even know anything about nutrition…they just give you your the lab values and send you on your way). Not only that but many health professionals, including RDs, cost a good amount of money (50-100 dollars per hour for RDs) to see. Where does this put the people who really need the help? Out in the cold because they can’t afford it. It’s the sad truth. I always want to help as much as I can by providing FREE dietary guidance when I am able, but it’s difficult. I wish it was easier. That’s why I created this blog, really. One last comment is that the number of healthy professionals has increased as their need for services have increased. Many people choose a career based on the fact that they know they can get a job, not necessarily based on passion for the field. Thanks for your question.

Breakfast Of Champions
Since I’ve been on this wheat free diet (FODMAPS) I’ve had to give my breakfast, and other meals, quite a makeover. For starters, I bought this wheat-free cereal.wheat free cerealHere it is up close. Looks great doesn’t it?? haha, maybe not so much, but it is actually quite delicious.wheat free cereal 1I love how the label highlighted some important facts; wheat free, low sodium, and low fat (although the low fat part wasn’t important to me)cold cerealAnd when I’m not eating cold cereal, I’ve been eating steel cut oats. I never thought I would turn into an oats lover, but reading all of your blogs, and dealing with this IBS diet, has caused me to eat oats more often. I can thank Coco for recommending the steel cut oats over regular oats. They are slightly less processed and have more soluble fiber than some rolled oats, and especially the instant oats. They also have a nuttier flavor and keep me full for a good about of time.

I don’t like having to wait 30 minutes every morning while the oats cooked, but thankfully each batch makes 4 servings. I put it in this container, and cut it into four sections after it sits in the fridge for a few hours. This way I have pre-portioned oats for four mornings.portioned oats This is where the Breakfast of Champions comes in!

Steel cut oats
Purevia (~1 t)
Pumpkin puree (1/4 cup)
Skippy Extra Crunchy peanut butter (~1 T)

– Keeps me full for almost 3 hours (that’s great for me!)
– Provides 1/2 servings of vegetable, lots of fiber, and some healthy monounsaturated fatshealthy foodsTime Management Strategies for a Healthy “At Home” Living
Source: Mark Forster, author of Do it Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management

1) If you have a tendency to mindlessly snack on not so healthy foods, and it bothers you, set aside some time each week and remove anything form your fridge, cabinets, freezer, etc. that you tend to binge on, in an unhealthy way. Leave a special treat for yourself that is portioned so that you don’t go overboard. If your spouse or child has a special snack that temps your binge reflex, ask them to hide it from you!

2) Set aside some time week to make a plan for what your meals will be for the week. Follow this by making a list of what ingredients you will need. The author suggests that if you don’t do this you will be tempted to eat convenience food (mom, if you’re reading this…..take this advice!!). I’ll add that you should check out Andrea’s blog for some great sample menus and weekly menu plans.

3) Set aside some time each week to pre-cook meat, poultry, etc. Put it in the freezer until you need it. Also pre-cook some vegetables so you and your family always have access to them when you are hungry or when you are looking for a dinner side dish. Preparing some fruit to snack on is also a good idea. I do this each week and it takes me about an hour. It’s very much worth it.

4) Slow down when you are preparing food, and take time to enjoy the process. Same goes for when you are consuming the food. Savor the food and enjoy it, rather than eating it so fast you can’t even appreciate the uniqueness and taste.

Life Update

It’s Tuesday, which means one day closer to Christmas! How are you doing on your Christmas/Hanukkah shopping? I’m about 80% finished, I’ve just got to buy Nick’s mom and sisters some things, and do major wrapping. This weekend my mom and I will be making pepperoni bread and chocolate dipped waffle cones! I have to say, I’m pretty excited about that. Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

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