Post Exercise Meals/Snacks

Thanks for all of your fantastic comments on my last post. It’s true, anyone on a 1250 calorie diet should be able to lose weight. I mean, that’s pretty much the lowest amount of calories you could take in, without being nutritionally depleted. It was smart of Taco Bell to take credit for Christine’s weight loss, even though we… Continue reading Post Exercise Meals/Snacks

Breakfast of Champs and Time Management Strategies for Living Healthier

Thanks for all of your comments about labels on my last post! I asked for your opinions as to some other changes that may be necessary, and I found that many of you agreed there should be nutrition facts on alcoholic beverages. I couldn’t agree more! I really don’t understand why they aren’t there in the first place,… Continue reading Breakfast of Champs and Time Management Strategies for Living Healthier

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Label Mania

Did you see this blog post by the New York Times? It made me so happy! Basically, the food label may be getting a makeover soon. If I had to name one thing/person who needed a makeover the most, it would be food labels (and of course a few others that I have in mind, but I won’t mention… Continue reading Label Mania

Food EEEEEK! Review

Nick and I watched Food Inc. on Thanksgiving (after we ate our meals). Like we expected, the movie was fantastic and it really put things into perspective. Was it a good perspective? Not so much, but boy am I glad we watched it. What’s scarier? THISOR THIS?Don’t answer that please. After watching Food Inc., my vote would… Continue reading Food EEEEEK! Review

Probiotics; The Healthy Bacteria

Today I have an blog post agenda. The agenda includes clearing up a few things about my last post, sharing with you my favorite part about the holidays, a little probiotic review session, a giveaway update, and my life update! Alright, here we go….. Sodium and “Bloating” It became clear to me, after reading all of your comments, that I… Continue reading Probiotics; The Healthy Bacteria