Gina’s “Superfoods” (Last 5 of 10)

I enjoyed reading everyone’s own list of whole grain and fruit/vegetable “superfoods”! I realize I didn’t put any fruits on my list, likely because I just don’t eat much fruit. Of the fruits I do eat, frozen blueberries and blackberries are my favorite. Apples used to be my favorite, until I realized they cause me to get bloated,… Continue reading Gina’s “Superfoods” (Last 5 of 10)

Big City, Small Kitchen

I’m excited to be a guest blogger on The Candid RD. Gina is one of my dearest friends. Not only did we go to high school together, but we lived together in college. One of the best things about living with a Dietetics major? I got to taste test all of her creations.For me, one of… Continue reading Big City, Small Kitchen

Understanding The Whole Grain

Well, it’s another start to another week. But it’s not just any old week, it’s my birthday week!! I’m such a nerd, I’m actually excited about turning 27. Probably because I’m still 4 years younger than Nick, muahaha. Updates since last time – The house hunt continues. We’ve found some perfect houses, but Nick works all day… Continue reading Understanding The Whole Grain

Nutty Noodle Goodness

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, so far! It’s rainy and dreary here in the ol’ C-bus (aka, Columbus). I’ve got a busy day of dietary consults and errands, then tonight we are looking for houses! Updates Since Last Time – Last night my friend Annie was in town with her new boyfriend.… Continue reading Nutty Noodle Goodness