Goodbye Food Pyramid!

Have you heard? The food pyramid is getting taken over by a dinner plate! I read this article yesterday, published by the New York Times, and I was super excited. While I will still use the food pyramid for more detailed information about specific food groups, the dinner plate method is a more simple and effective way to teach… Continue reading Goodbye Food Pyramid!

Sushi Surprise

Today, May 30th, 2011, marks our five-year dating anniversary! Nick grew up on the same golf course where the Memorial Golf Tournament takes place (hole 11, to be exact), but like he said last night, “This week no longer reminds me of golf, it reminds me of the time I found the love of my life”….awwwww, tear… Continue reading Sushi Surprise

Small Changes = Big Rewards

When I first became a dietitian I was overwhelmed by my clients who needed to make several changes to their diet. I always had a hard time focusing on just one part of their diet, as I often felt obligated to make everything better in just one visit. I assumed they would never come back after the first meeting so I… Continue reading Small Changes = Big Rewards

Truvia and Red Hot

Today’s post is all about my favorite combination; Truvia + Frank’s Red Hot, mixed together into a beautiful sauce. It’s amazing. Ok, I’m full of it. But really, these are two products I couldn’t live without. We’ll start with Frank’s Red Hot. Isn’t it….gorgeous?! And look, only a mere 190 mg sodium per tiny teaspoon. I suppose when… Continue reading Truvia and Red Hot

My Exercise “Routine”

Several weeks ago a reader asked me to explain my exercise routine and another reader asked me which of the Exercise TV videos I like to use. Today I have decided to dedicate a post to answering these questions. Because…everyone wants to workout like ME…right?! Below are the pieces of equipment that I use for… Continue reading My Exercise “Routine”