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The List of Responsible Flexible Packaging for Fresh Fruits and Foods

Do you own a retail shop selling fresh fruits and foods? Or do you regularly shop for fresh food for the family? Whichever applies to you, having responsible, flexible packaging equipment is an excellent idea for the safety and freshness of your items.

While a retailer or consumer has numerous options when it comes to packaging equipment, considering the following guarantees the safety of foods for the longest possible period.

Fresh Mesh Wicketed

The fresh mesh Wicketed is tailored to incorporate a horizontal band. It is wrapping around the bag’s middle area and offers the best possible space so that products can be branded. This is possible with product messaging or any other custom graphics.

Another benefit of using this bag is that it increases the shelf-life of the farm produce by allowing adequate air circulation. The bag allows air and moisture to freely enter, allowing the fruits to breathe easily.

Furthermore, the bag can be misted or iced with no negative impact on the material.

Fresh Mesh Combo

The legendary bag was introduced in 1998 and incorporates sturdy mesh and poly into a durable packaging equipment. The bad is crafted from high-quality technology. A fusion of an intensive heat that provides the necessary sealed seem. Obviously, this is tested as much as needed so that a specified weight for the bag can be achieved.

In addition to its affordability, the fresh mesh combo offers its consumers both excellent breathability and a stunning graphic.

Furthermore, the bag will act like poly when used for automatic machinery in the packing industry. This offers a great solution for all the produce packers that need it, all across the chain of supply.

Combo Ultra Shield 

Combo Ultra Shield offers a generous combination of mesh and poly and ample branding space. Its consumers also benefit from its breathability and seamless packaging experience.

However, what sets this packaging equipment apart is its 2 layer white and black. It is revolutionary since it cam remove almost all UV light and all visible light. As a result, shelf life is drastically increased and potato greening is decreased.

Stand-Up Combo

This packaging equipment comes in a wide selection of colors and is ideal for single and small-portion pack sizes. The equipment is crafted from mesh and poly materials. This is giving access to a very appealing presentation of the product from a visual point of view while not sacrificing functionality. Then, there is also the registered Stand-Up Combo. It is a flat bottom designed to help with upright displays. You have a bag that is fully recyclable and well-breathable.


Leno is ideal for a wide range of commodities. This does include items like peanuts, firewood, citrus, onions, and much more. The leno comes in new mesh colors. This is perfect for enhanced product presentation. It is even perfect for getting access to several bag widths so that machinery equipment can easily be accommodated. In addition, Leno bags are very good when it comes to optimizing pallet loading since they can be changed to a design resembling a pillow top.

Flow Wrap

Flow wraps are another excellent packaging equipment retailers and consumers find effective. These bags offer versatility, easy configuration, and simplicity of operation. These flow wraps can be used to pack products requiring a high-integrity seal, difficult-to-handle items, herbs, and other delicate items, and with and without a tray.


The secret to increasing the shelf-life of fresh produce is by having an effective packaging equipment that allows breathability. And relying on a reputable manufacturer like Fox Bag is an excellent move.

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