Acorn Squash “Boats”

Several weeks ago Katie posted these beautiful zucchini boats, which inspired me to do some “boating” of my own, but instead with the acorn squash from our garden. I popped them in the oven (whole, not cut in half yet) for 30 minutes at about 350 degrees. Next I cut them in half, laid them seed side facing down, and… Continue reading Acorn Squash “Boats”

Nutritional Yeast, Fish, and Prenatal Vitamins

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on my last post, regarding The Raw Food Diet. It seems as though most of you agreed with me that while the Raw Food Diet can be a healthy way of living, it’s a little too extreme and unrealistic for most people (including even the most nutrition savvy individuals!). Today has… Continue reading Nutritional Yeast, Fish, and Prenatal Vitamins

Post Exercise Meals/Snacks

Thanks for all of your fantastic comments on my last post. It’s true, anyone on a 1250 calorie diet should be able to lose weight. I mean, that’s pretty much the lowest amount of calories you could take in, without being nutritionally depleted. It was smart of Taco Bell to take credit for Christine’s weight loss, even though we… Continue reading Post Exercise Meals/Snacks