Great Camping Food Ideas that Don’t Require a Fridge

Camping is a fun and interesting activity, especially for a family vacation. Getting out for exploring nature is an excellent bonding activity and can be used for making some lasting memories. However, you should bear in mind that you will need to carry camping equipment and this can often make the trip a big hassle,… Continue reading Great Camping Food Ideas that Don’t Require a Fridge

White Bean Veggie Nuggets

Paige is basically a vegetarian, aside from her loving relationship with chicken nuggets.  And no, we don’t by the organic version, or anything that is even close to (or pretending to be) nutrient-dense.  We buy those dinosaur ones, you know, they look like dinos (you’ve seen them I’m sure). She loves them.  In fact, I… Continue reading White Bean Veggie Nuggets

Clean Eating’s Peanut Chicken Foil Packets

I recently looked back at some old blog posts and decided to update them with the new recipe format (you know, the printable ones, below).  This one from Clean Eating Magazine was one I knew I wanted to update, but also make again because it’s one of those simple, easy-to-clean summer grilling recipes that everyone should try. … Continue reading Clean Eating’s Peanut Chicken Foil Packets

Pesto Chicken Rollups

I’ll confess, one of the easiest things for me to feed Paige is a frozen piece of chicken (cooked, obviously).  I’m talking chicken nuggets, or these great Barber Foods Frozen Stuffed Chickens (yum, they are a household favorite).   We’ve found that Paige will not eat meat unless it’s very tender.  She will try just about anything, but she’ll promptly… Continue reading Pesto Chicken Rollups

Pretzel Crusted Chicken Breast Tenders

Mmmm, chicken!  I love it.  If you prefer tofu, that’s fine, but please head on over to Eating Well and check out their tofu tenders recipe (even I, the chicken lover, loved this, as did Nick). Anyway, chicken, it’s yummy and so versatile.  I’ll admit, however, I’ve been lazy lately and just either throwing it in the slow… Continue reading Pretzel Crusted Chicken Breast Tenders