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Top Foods that May Lead to Cancer

Since there is so much noise surrounding the possible causes of cancer, it can often become difficult for people to determine exactly what the true dangers may be. The good news is that where food is concerned, there aren’t that many linked to cancer. While obesity does raise the risk of different types of cancer, food in general is not as deadly as they say. However, there are some foods that have a higher risk of causing cancer. If you are eating or drinking them in moderation, it is not that big of a problem, but a lifetime of consuming them in high amounts or on a daily basis could become a threat.

In order to stay healthy, it is not a bad idea to limit these foods in your diet. After all, cancer is a deadly disease and even though treatments are available, it can prove to be very costly. Not everyone has the finances or resources to undergo cancer treatments and some people may have to sell their car or even their house just to raise enough money for it. Often there are people looking for someone who buys broken down cars or even cars in fine condition, so they can deal with such medical emergencies. If you don’t want to deal with these consequences, it is best to limit the consumption of the following foods:

  • Microwave popcorn

Sure, popping a bag of popcorn in the microwave when you need a tasty and quick snack is extremely easy, but you are increasing the risk of testicular, liver and pancreatic cancer when you do so. The microwave popcorn bag is lined with carcinogenic chemicals and there is also a chemical in the popcorn itself that generates the artificial flavor of butter. If you don’t want to give up this snack, it is better to opt for the old-fashioned stove top popcorn.

  • Non-organic produce

You are not the only one who thinks that all fruits and vegetables are good for you, but there are numerous dangerous pesticides that are sprayed on non-organic fruits and they can be linked to cancer. Another issue with produce farmed non-organically is the use of hormones and toxic fertilizers that are used for making the fruits and vegetables bigger. Apples, strawberries, oranges and grapes are the worst offenders. You should always wash your fruits and vegetables to be safe, but it will not get rid of all the pesticides.

  • Processed meats

Most products made with processed meats, such as bacon, lunch meats, hot dogs and sausages contain chemical preservatives that can make them appear appealing and fresh, but this can also cause cancer. According to researchers, processed meat is carcinogenic because it has a high fat content, is cooked at high temperature and also contains certain chemicals that cause cancer.

  • Soda pop

Similar to meats that are processed, soda pop has also been shown to cause cancer. Loaded with food chemicals, sugar and colorings, soda pop acidifies the body. In fact, it literally feeds the cancer cells found in the body. Common soda pop chemicals, such as caramel color, have also been specifically linked to cancer.

  • Farmed salmon

Another high-risk cancer food is farmed salmon because it lacks Vitamin D and is often contaminated with pesticides, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), carcinogenic chemicals, antibiotics and flame retardants.

  • Hydrogenated oils

These oils are typically used for preserving processed foods and to keep them shelf-stable. But, these hydrogenated oils alter the flexibility and structure of cell membranes throughout the body and this can lead to a number of debilitating diseases, such as cancer. A lot of manufacturers are phasing out these hydrogenated oils and have replaced them with palm oils and other safer options.

Avoiding and cutting down these foods can cut down the risk of cancer and save people from having to undergo the stress and pain associated with it.

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7 Common Recipe Mistakes to Avoid for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you are coming up with recipes for a new diet, certain decisions can hinder your progress. Here are common recipe mistakes to avoid for a healthy lifestyle.

Wanting to live a healthier lifestyle isn’t anything new.

Millions of people spend weeks, even months, preparing. They gather ideas, have hundreds of ingredients they’d love to try. Then some problems arise.

It’s easy to feel confused and excited by all the new food you’ve gathered, but it’s also easy to avoid common recipe mistakes before you even start.

Jumping In Head First

Whether you want to hear it or not, changing your lifestyle takes time. Going all in and not giving yourself any time for an adjustment period is going to lead to problems.

If you’re used to buying potato chips and ice cream at the grocery store every week, start with picking an alternative that’s just as satisfying.

Keep the chips on your first week, but throw in some more vegetables. Buy the ice cream, but pick a dairy-free alternative or frozen yogurt.

There are plenty of dairy-free ice cream recipes for vegans, and it’s shown to have less saturated fat compared to ice cream made with cow’s milk.

Only Shopping For Recipes

I know, this article is about recipes, but hear me out.

Instead of shopping for two to three recipes every week, try picking two to three ingredients to base several recipes from.

According to this article by Harvest Food Solutions, consumers have recently spent more time preparing food at home. This automatically means you’re having to think about food more. What you’re going to eat, when you’re going to cook it, and (worst of all) cleaning it up.

Memorizing a few recipes with similar ingredients means less time worrying about the first two options. Cleaning the kitchen, however, is hard to avoid.

This is easy to achieve with any diet, whether you’re wanting to make a complete lifestyle change or just include more vegetables in your daily intake.

If you shop for a recipe and forget one ingredient, it can feel like a total loss. Keeping base ingredients (Think onion, garlic, lemon, lime, rice, pasta, milk, or meat) on hand allows you to get a lot more creative.

It also allows you to put more thought into any fresh fruits and vegetables you want, or even fresh herbs. This brings us to the next recipe mistake.

Only Cooking With Salt And Pepper

While salt and pepper can flavor and depth to any dish, depending on them to add all the flavor is a stretch.

Using fresh herbs or dried spices is often a healthy choice, and it does nothing but add to whatever you’re making.

“Spaghetti with fresh basil” or “tacos with fresh cilantro and lime juice” sounds a lot more appetizing than “store-bought sauce” and “plain ground beef tacos.”

Not to mention, both these recipes are easy to customize to whatever healthy lifestyle you’re wishing to build for yourself.

Using The Wrong Oil

Oils have varying smoke points. Some can withstand high heat, while others do better when drizzled over finished dishes.

For high heat and sauteing, go with sunflower, avocado or vegetable oil.

Olive oil and coconut oil don’t do well with high heat and should be limited to drizzling over finished products. Too much heat destroys any nutritional compounds they contain. Honey shouldn’t be exposed to high heat either.

Don’t be afraid to cook with oil either. Fats are healthy, needed, and oil is an easy way to add a limited amount to your diet.

Thinking Fats Are Bad

Contrary to popular belief, fat helps our bodies produce essential fatty acids that it otherwise couldn’t. It also aids the body in absorbing certain vitamins.

They should still be consumed in moderation, however.

Avocados, nuts, and olives are popular sources of plant-based fats. They’re high in calories, but also fiber. They can easily be put onto sandwiches, included in recipes, or eaten as a snack while you’re cooking.

Even salmon and tuna can also be added to this list. These two ingredients along with nuts are also good sources of protein.

Not Preventing Those Common Recipe Mistakes

All I mean is you should read the entire recipe before you start cooking.

Things can get hectic in the kitchen, and scrambling for your phone to look at the next step isn’t ideal when you’re also stirring a sauce and grabbing whatever’s in the oven.

Reading the recipe gives you a general idea of the process you’re enduring. It can also aid in helping you achieve a perfect mise en place, which is essentially French for having your ingredients gathered and ready to use before you begin cooking.

It’s the difference between a pleasant experience with cooking and feeling like you never want to do it again.

This last step is the most important though.

Ignoring What Your Body Wants

You can place everything perfectly in your kitchen. You can buy every component and prepare all of your ingredients, but it isn’t going to work if you don’t listen to your body.

Creating recipes for a new lifestyle should feel adventurous, not like you’re setting out on a neverending journey to be perfect.

Let’s face it. You’re probably going to make one of these common recipe mistakes at some point or another, but that shouldn’t stop you from moving toward the life you want to live.

But remember, if there’s a time you’d rather make pizza than cook an elaborate healthy meal with a side salad, that’s fine too.

A drizzle of healthy olive oil would be good on either one.

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Words of Advice for the 5 Stages of Grief (When You Lose Your Hair)

Going bald is one of the most disturbing experiences a person goes through, and just like major life changes, a lot of people go through the 5 Stages of Grief when their hair starts falling out. Here are some words of advice for people going through this process and what they can do to get to the next stage.


A lot of people make the mistake of not seeing the signs of balding early on, or they just ignore it. But let me tell you: hair loss is real, and you need to see the signs. Unfortunately, but understandably, a lot of people are going to ignore the signs and try to cover it up with comb-overs or toupees.

Bad news if you do these though: everyone notices it and it makes your hair look even thinner and more balding. Word of advice: once you start seeing some scalp without you having to comb your hair, it’s time for you to start accepting the inevitable.


Once people start realizing their bald, they tend to start getting angry and defensive about it, and it’s understandable: the right hairstyle can change the way a person looks and this can have positive or negative effects on a person’s self-image.

Here’s the thing, though: roughly 70% of men (and a large percentage of women, too!) around the world are either balding or have thinning hair, with many going completely bald by the time they get to their 50s. Let go of that anger: don’t lose it over losing hair.


This is that point in your balding depression where you start considering painful and expensive hair transplant procedures -which, unfortunately, aren’t an assurance that you’ll go back to your thick hair. Some people might even consider hormone therapy to combat the dreaded imbalance of testosterone and estrogen, a prime suspect in hair loss.

Here’s the problem: neither of these things can assure hair regrowth, no matter what their marketing says.


A lot of people get to this stage and either stay here or go back to denial in a vicious cycle of a toupee, getting angry, and reconsidering surgical options. It’s one of the most difficult stages to get out of, but when you do, I promise you: there’s light at the end of your bald spot’s reflection.


Finally, acceptance. Some people will get to this stage and just shave off their heads completely, or they start caring for their thinning hair and giving it the best care it ever received. Some people might start using natural anti-hair fall shampoo to help retain some hair while keeping it healthy, or they’ll start taking rogaine or Propecia as a health supplement.

Some people might even start focusing on other parts of their hair: men with long eyelashes will start grooming their brows to accentuate or grow a beard to frame their faces better, while women might try out different hairstyles to make the best out of their situation.

Hair loss is inevitable for many people and it’s important you retain your confidence all throughout your journey. And remember: going bald isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it might just be the start of a brand, new look!


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4 Scrumptious Meatball Dishes in a Flash

Meatballs are a fail-safe dinner option for families and choice party meal when hosting guests with kids. As long as they’re meat lovers, everyone, including little picky eaters, will be excited to have these protein-packed food items for snacks or supper.

Although these spiced balls commonly go well with marinara sauce and are served with pasta dishes, they’re capable of so much more than just being the best frozen meatballs for spaghetti. If you need some food inspiration for your next dinner or get-together, try these 4 easy, kid-friendly ideas.

Old-Fashioned Albondigas Soup

If you’re craving a warm, light, yet filling dish, you can prepare the traditional albondigas soup, which is made of noodles and lean ground meat. Just combine all the ingredients into a broth and bring it to a boil. You may also spice it up with carrots, celery, and some herbs. Next time you want the perfect cold-weather meal, try this hearty bowl.

Chili Con Carne

Take this classic, comforting meal up a notch. Those made with beef and pork tend to have a rich flavor that can complement traditional spices. Rest assured, they can add an incredibly tasty twist to this dish. You’ll also want to serve it as a filling or topping for buttered crusty bread.

Mediterranean Kabobs

Food on a stick is always a kid’s favorite. Plus, grilling can be a fun bonding activity. Make mouthwatering skewers with any available ingredients, including pineapple chunks, apple slices, and fresh bell peppers, along with these moist, meal-sized portions of protein.

Lettuce Leaf Tacos

Are you looking for healthier options? Then, try Romaine wraps. Aside from the herbs used to make flavorful beef or chicken spheres, this leafy vegetable adds a taco-ish crunch, so you and the kids can enjoy your spiced balls of ground meat without the guilt.

Time-Saving Make-Ahead Meals

Preparing in advance is the solution for people who want to save time. These tiny rolls of minced meat are so versatile you can store them raw or with sauce. Those that are already cooked can be put inside covered airtight containers or freezer pouches as soon as they’ve cooled down or reached room temperature.

Once they’re frozen, divide them into separate heavy-duty zip lock bags and add proper labels, so they don’t stick together into a huge clump. Try this cooking technique on the abovementioned recipes for a week’s worth of different dinners.

Indeed, these tiny, round sausages can be used in a variety of meals. There are many available options, too, including chicken, beef and pork, turkey, and lamb. No wonder they’re one of the favorite foods of children and kids-at-heart. But, not everyone has the time to make them from scratch. It’s great to always have Farm Rich meatballs on hand for busy days. They’re bursting with flavors and easy to prepare.


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How to Deal with Self-Esteem Issues Due to Your Physical Appearance

It’s common for teenagers to deal with stress related to physical appearance. Having unique facial features places them in the middle of bullying and harassment. As people grow older, they start to realise that physical beauty isn’t everything. People have more important qualities than outer beauty to be proud of. However, if you still feel insecure because you don’t look great, you should find a way to deal with the issue.

Stop looking at social media posts

Although social media brings positive changes, it can also be a platform that makes people feel insecure. If you have problems related to your self-esteem, you should stop browsing your social media for a while. It doesn’t do anything to help you feel better.

Read inspirational books

If you think the lack of superior facial features is a problem, some people go through a more terrible crisis in life. Reading inspirational books allows you to see what they’re going through and feel inspired. You will realise that what you have now is nothing compared to the real challenges faced by many. Despite their issues, they will still survive and make the most of life.

Use the available technology 

If you want to improve your appearance, you can rely on scientific advances. For instance, if you hate that you already have wrinkles at a young age, you can consider getting anti wrinkle injections. They’re useful in transforming your appearance. You will look a lot younger than you are now. Other procedures are available too if you wish to address your flaws. Before, these techniques were taboo, but people are more accepting now. If you can afford to have these procedures, you should do them.

Live a healthier lifestyle 

You can change your appearance by living a healthier lifestyle. You don’t look terrible. The problem is that you have vices and unhealthy practices that affect how you look. You have to change your ways. Stop smoking and excessive drinking. It also helps if you choose what you eat and be cautious about overeating junk food. Go to the gym if you have time, or get exercise at home. These changes could have a positive effect on your appearance and well-being.

Remind yourself of the good qualities you possess

At your age, you should start looking beyond physical qualities. The problem isn’t how you look, but the fact that you still get affected by this issue. You should move past it and focus on other important things in life. Looking good isn’t everything. Think about where you excel at and hone your skills. People will admire you not because you look great, but because you have something good to offer. Change your terrible attitudes too. Your inner beauty matters more than anything else. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. If people judge you because of your physical appearance, it says more about them than you. Don’t let them prevent you from being happy and content in life.



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Food & Drinks That Are Hardest On Your Teeth


Saliva breaks starchy food down into sugar as you eat it. That’s a lot of carbohydrates, and the bacteria in your mouth turns carbohydrates into plaque.

The pasty substance this creates easily clings to the teeth, especially between them and in hard-to-reach areas in the back.

When choosing bread, go for wheat – it’s less refined and contains less added sugars.

Soda & Anything Highly Acidic

One of the main reasons plaque is so hard on your teeth is because it’s essentially acid. Well, what happens when you’re constantly exposing more acid to your teeth? The effects of tooth decay only amplify; it leaves your teeth even more vulnerable to the onslaught of plaque.

Acidic foods also usually contain a lot of carbohydrates, which feeds the bacteria responsible for plaque.

Sticky & Chewy Foods

These are super-villains when it comes to tooth decay. They cling to your teeth long after you’re done eating, especially between them and in places that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush and floss.

This kind of food being long-exposed to your teeth provides a long-term feast for bacteria, and thus more acidic plaque is produced.

Anything That Dries Your Mouth Out

Saliva is one of the main ways your body protects your teeth against tooth decay. Saliva helps wash plaque away and prevents it from clinging to your teeth. It may also prevent the early stages of tooth decay and gum disease.

Hard Foods

The protective outer layer of the tooth is called the enamel. It’s a very hard substance – harder than bone in fact! That makes it the hardest substance of the body.

That said, it’s still vulnerable to acidic plaque and, yes, the constant crunching on hard food.

This kind of food can wear away at it over time, and when the enamel is worn away, plaque has an easy shot at the second layer – the dentin.

Once a hole is worn away in the dentin, you officially have a cavity. Unfortunately, there’s no natural way of repairing the dentin, and you’ll require a dental filling.


Alcohol poses a major threat for many reasons, all of which have been illustrated above.

  • It is basically sugar.
  • It’s highly acidic.
  • It can dry your mouth out.

Drinking too much alcohol also invariably leads to the need to vomit, which is also incredibly hard on your teeth.

See Your Dentist for a Regular Exam & Cleaning

Seeing your dentist regularly is part of proper dental hygiene. Your dentist can see problems as they are forming, and it’s always better to stop the problem early rather than dealing with the hardships that come with advanced tooth decay and gum disease.

If dental decay and gum disease have set in, your dentist can perform a variety of services to repair and treat the problem. Whether it’s something as simple as a routine dental cleaning or a root canal, you shouldn’t wait for problems to get worse – that will only mean more problems in the future.


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6 Foods that May Lead to Dental Problems

It’s no longer hidden that what you eat can be seen in your general health. And the same case is with your dental health. Many foods and beverages can cause dental problems, such as plaque which leads to serious damage to your teeth. For example, when you eat sugary food, the sugar triggers the bacteria to release harmful acids, attacking your tooth’s enamel.

The broken enamel broken then results in cavity development and tooth pain. While it is a good idea to see a dentist for the treatment of such dental problems, why not minimize the consumption of the foods that are harmful to your teeth?

  1. Potato Chips

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a crunch of potato chips? While a pack of chips has an eternally satisfying taste, they are full of starch which becomes sugar and gets trapped between the teeth, feeding the bacteria in the plaque. Acid production from potato chips can lead to painful dental problems if left unattended in your teeth for a while. After you have had a packet of chips, do not take too long to brush and floss to eliminate the trapped particles.

  1. Hard Candies

Hard candies may seem harmless to many, eating too many can be harmful to your dental health. These sugary items can also trigger certain dental emergencies like a broken tooth.  It’s better to minimize its consumption or go for sugar-free gum with the ADA seal.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is not healthy. It also dries out your mouth, resulting in the lack of saliva which is necessary to keep teeth healthy. Saliva doesn’t let food stick to your teeth and carries food particles away. It is also beneficial for removing early signs of gum diseases, tooth decay, and other dental problems. Therefore, avoid alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated.

  1. Carbonated Drinks

Just like alcohol, consuming large quantities of carbonated soda is injurious to your oral health. Carbonated sodas allow plaque to produce more acid which eventually attacks tooth enamel and leads to a painful dental condition. It means excessive consumption of carbonated drinks coats your teeth in acid, dries out your mouth, and lacks saliva. Plus, dark-colored sodas can stain or discolor your teeth.

  1. Bread

You may be wondering how bread can cause a dental problem. But eating white bread can be harmful to your mouth. When you chew on white bread, the starches are broken down into sugar, transforming into a gummy paste type substance. This paste sticks to the crevices between your teeth and can lead to cavity development. What’s the alternative? Look for some less-refined options, such as whole wheat since they have less sugar and take time to break down.

  1. Ice

It’s a common misconception that ice is good for their mouth because it is made of water and doesn’t have any sugar or harmful substances. However, chewing on hard substances like ice can leave your teeth at risk of a dental emergency, such as damaged enamel, loosened crowns, and cracked or broken teeth. You can enjoy the ice in a water form or use it to chill beverages but do not chew on it.    

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Some Brilliant Tips for Opening a New Food Business

You feel happy when you are eating delicious food in a comfortable and pleasant environment. You may consider opening a restaurant because you love food or you enjoy watching people get satisfied. Owning a restaurant is undoubtedly a risky venture, but it can also be financially rewarding with the right planning and plenty of hard work. There are lots of tasks you have to accomplish in order to ensure your restaurant runs smoothly and offers valuable service and high quality food to your clients. When you decided to make an investment, you will find these tips immensely helpful for setting up your own restaurant:

  • Think about getting used restaurant equipment

Since it is a new venture, there is no need to invest every penny you have into it. Yes, you are going to need equipment for your establishment, but there is no rulebook that says it has to be brand new. Sure, new is nice, but it is not necessary and this is the time when you are trying to save as much as you can. You can always invest in new equipment once your business is off and running. For now, settle for used equipment, which you can overhaul.

  • Make the choice between a cash register or POS

Cash registers are becoming outdated, but the choice of system you use can depend on the ambience you wish to create in your restaurant. If you don’t want to go too much into technology, they are a good choice, otherwise POS is the sound option. This point-of-sale system is capable of tracking menu items, sales, take reservations and even serve as a time clock for employees. Yes, it costs more, but you can get a return on your investment in the long term.

  • Don’t hire just anyone

Restaurants are labor intensive and you need to be very careful when doing your hiring because your employees will be dealing with customers on a regular basis. This means they will represent your business and brand. You have to hire friendly, efficient and well-trained staff as they can make all the difference, even if the food may not be to the customer’s liking. You should ensure all employees understand their role and job description and are capable of doing them smoothly.

  • Get the appropriate licenses

Don’t just make plans in the air. If you are really into opening a new restaurant, you have to get moving, which means getting the appropriate licenses and registering your business. All restaurants need a business license to operate and your city or municipality will issue. If you are going to have a bar, you need to get a liquor license as well. There are other things such as health permits that have to be obtained. Some specific licenses such as halal certification is required when you wish to serve a particular clientele. Make sure you have everything in order before you open for business.

  • Clean up the place

Another important thing you need to ensure is that the restaurant is clean in accordance with state, federal and local safety laws. You can get in touch with a local building inspector to know of the safety requirements. You need a fire suppression system and a sprinkler system in the kitchen. Call over the health inspector and ensure everything is in order. In addition to setting up a fine interior, you should also work on setting up a corporate screensaver display in your restaurant. This can not only help you display deals and offers to your customers, but can also help you show interesting and eye catching screensavers. There are plenty of unique and fun screensavers, such as Jellyfish screensaver, fireworks screensaver and more that can be used.

  • Select a unique name

We are all aware that there is no shortage of restaurants these days. The good thing is that food is always in fashion so you are going to get customers, but it is best if you go with a unique name to create a greater appeal. This is the time for you to use your creativity and come up with something that hasn’t been used. Also, not using names similar to established restaurants is a great way to avoid legal troubles.

  • Don’t slack on advertising

Of course, you are new restaurant and you cannot afford costly advertising, but these days, the internet has offered you lots of avenues to advertise. Social media can be your friend if you use it the right way and spread word about your restaurant. There is nothing more powerful and effective as word of mouth advertising and it should be used as much as possible.

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Top Keto-Friendly Salad Dressing Guide for Ketogenic Diet

There are various types of salad dressings. A lot of these dressings appear nice. However, the most popular among them contain inflammatory oils and high sugar content. Some of these dressing appears to be keto-friendly. They, however, are not free from lots of unhealthy ingredients. Due to this, lots of people struggle to get the right keto-friendly salad dressings.

This article contains a guide to help you prepare keto-friendly salad dressings that are nutritious and tasty. That being said, let’s walk through some of the tips you can rely on when purchasing keto-friendly salad dressing.

Their Ingredients Should Undergo Minimum Processing

Before going ahead to buy a keto-friendly salad dressing, you need to look through its ingredients label. This way, you can be sure it is not too far from being natural. You should always be on the lookout for keto-friendly salad dressings that have a taste that is a blend of lemon juice, spices, vinegar, fresh herbs, etc. The reason for this is dressings with this taste are generally considered to be very healthy.

Still on examining the ingredients label of any keto-friendly salad dressing you are looking to buy. Take out time to look out for added sugars, MSG, and artificial sugars. The healthiest keto-friendly salad dressings make use of lemon juice, citric acid, vinegar, rosemary extract, and salt as a preservative. You should always be careful of dressings that have BHT, BHA, and, EDTA, as their preservatives. While going through the ingredient label of dressings, one ingredient you are most likely to come across includes guar gum or xanthan gum. This ingredient is used in preventing other ingredients from getting separated and also to make dressings thicker. It is an ingredient that is generally considered to be safe.

Keto-Friendly Salad Dressings should contain very little net carbs in Each Serving

When you go through the label of a keto-friendly salad dressing, you could come across hog-carb ingredients. If you do this, you do not have to put the dressing away completely. What your target should be is to get the right net carb per serving. The implication of this is when you come across a keto-friendly salad dressing that you think contains carb ingredients that are too high, you just need to look out for the number of net carbs per serving.

The best products have about one gram of net garbs in each tablespoon.

They should have God-Quality, Healthily Fats and/Oils as Their Basic Ingredient

When looking to prepare keto-friendly salad dressings, the best oils to be used are extra virgin olive oil, MCT oil, and avocado oil. You might not get a keto-friendly salad dressing of the right quality of you make use of any oil other than these three.

When you make use of olive oil and avocado oil, you can be sure to have the right quantity of MUFAs that are good for the heart. Although olive oil and avocado oil are great, olive oil is even better. This is because its antioxidant content is more than that of avocado oil. Its antioxidant content is effective in reducing the rate at which toxic compounds are formed during processing and cooking.

Contained in MCT oil are some saturated fats. These fats are caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), caproic acid (C6). These different saturated fats get converted to ketones. Once they are converted, they get burnt as fuel. This is one reason MCT oils are great when used as a salad dressing base.

All things being equal, you are bound to get better health benefits from keto-friendly salad dressings made with cold-pressed oils as against dressings made with the use of soyabean oil, canola oil, and other refined oils. The reason for this is refined oils contain a lot of omega-6s and not as many MUFAs.

How to Get Keto-Friendly Salad Dressing when in a Restaurant

If you will be preparing salad at home, it is very easy to select the right keto-friendly salad dressing. However, this is not exactly what the case is if you go to a restaurant. When eating out, you really can’t take a look at the ingredient label before making a request. Due to this, you must know what dressings are considered keto-friendly options and are safe. You should also know the things to avoid. If you have no idea what you should avoid, you will as well end up consuming what is not safe or good enough for you.

If you are looking to find how sugary a dressing is, one way to do this is by paying special attention to the words used to describe the dressing. If the dressing is described with words such as low-fat, fat-free, and light, then, there is a huge likelihood that such dressing replaces excess fat with ample carbs.

Furthermore, a lot of dressings that contain raspberry vinaigrette, honey mustard, or other sweet ingredients tend to contain sugars, as well as ingredients that are high in carbs. That’s not all. Thousand Island dressing, French dressing, pre-bottled vinaigrettes, and French dressing contain high levels of carbs.

When looking to purchase the best keto-friendly alternatives, always be on the lookout for chunky bleu cheese, and ranch dressing. Although these are good alternatives, they could contain oils of lower quality and also more carbs than you expect. It might be difficult to get this information when at the restaurant. Due to this, you should carry out your research before ever heading to the restaurant. If you fail to come across a trusted option, you can head to restaurants with a keto-friendly salad dressing. When you do this, you are certain you will not be consuming anything that your body does not want.

What are the Best Keto Salad Dressings?

There are lots of top quality keto-friendly salad dressings in the market. However, if you must get value for your money, you will need to buy the best keto-friendly salad dressings.

Some of the best keto-friendly salad dressings you can buy include;

  • Skinny girls dressings
  • Great Value Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
  • Great Value Blue Cheese Dressing
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Top Benefits of Organic Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shakes Powder

Organic meal replacement shakes are meals that come bottled or in powder form and can be used to replace regular meals. They are usually taken in liquid form and have lots of known and unknown benefits. Organic meal replacement drinks are popularly used by folks who want to increase or decrease weight in a healthy way or lose weight without any side effects. In addition to helping with proper weight management, organic meal replacements help supply the body with the proper nutrition that it needs in the shortest time possible. The implication of this is by taking organic meal replacement shakes regularly, you do not have to spend so much time in preparing traditional meals if you do not have ample time on your hands.

Organic meal replacements shake come with certain benefits. Keep reading for a bunch of these benefits.

They Help with Weight Management

Do you have some trouble managing your weight? Are you looking to drop some weight? If yes, then you can depend on organic weight loss shakes to make this possible. When made a part of your daily routine, feeding on organic meal replacement shakes can help with weight management. According to studies, if you continuously replace a regular meal with an organic shake once every day, it will take you far in helping you shed unwanted weight.

Furthermore, according to studies carried out at Columbia University College, you will get a much better result by replacing two or one regular meals with meal replacement shakes daily when looking to lose weight over making use of a traditional method of losing weight which involves taking diets that contain reduced calories.

There are lots of reasons organic meal replacement shakes can help with weight loss. A good portion of these reasons are they contain fiber and protein in huge amounts. These nutrients set up the body for weight loss. The right amount of protein can keep you full for a long time as it has the ability to keep the stomach from emptying itself. It also keeps the hormone which causes hunger low.

Fiber’s role in helping with weight loss is not less important in managing body weight. It helps with satiety, thereby, making you eat less.

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Organic Meal Replacement Shakes Provide the Body with Amazing Nutrients

When people try to eliminate the number the calories they consume, there is a likelihood they are going to feed on fewer nutrients than the body needs. When this is done over a fairly long period, the risk of being malnourished becomes really high. Although lots of people have the fear of being malnourished as they try to minimize their calorie intake, there is already a solution. When looking to drop some weight, you can always make use of organic meal replacement powders. The reason for this is lots of organic meal replacements contain essential nutrients which the body needs to stay healthy.

Apart from containing nutrients that can be gotten from traditional meals in huge amounts, organic weight loss shakes also contain nutrients that you might be unable to get from regular meals.

Organic Meal Replacement Shakes Always Come in Handy

We live in a very busy world and due to how busy the average person is, there are times folks are not able to prepare the meals they really want to eat. When this happens, most people opt for popular and unhealthy alternatives. Foods that are processed might be very easy to get, they, however, do not do the body any good in the long run.

If you don’t possess the time to prepare a healthy meal, you do not have to feed on unhealthy processed meals. You can always take advantage of organic meal replacement shakes. These shakes will not only provide your body with the nutrients it requires to achieve max health, but they will also do this in about the same time as processed food will.

Organic Meal Replacement Shakes Help with Blood Sugar Levels

There are lots of side effects associated with eating more than the body needs at a certain time. One of these many side effects is doing so has a negative effect on blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels are raised, diabetic symptoms such as unwanted weight loss, constant urination, and fatigue can set in. This might be difficult to check as lots of people will always have the urge to eat more than their bodies actually need.

Unlike regular meals which do not come in measured portions, organic protein drinks will present themselves in already measured portions. The implication of this is there will be no need to eat more than your body actually needs. This way, they can provide the body with the perfect quantity of carbohydrates it needs for a period. By doing this, they can help control blood sugar levels. Beyond containing the right amount of carbohydrates, natural protein shakes are also high in proteins. Their huge protein content can lead to a reduction in the rate in which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. This ultimately helps with blood sugar levels.

They Can Help with Healthy Portion Sizes

When people are looking to drop some weight, one way to do this effortlessly is to feed on the right portion size. There are lots of healthy foods that can turn out to be unhealthy if consumed in the wrong portion. While the average person is aware of the effect of consuming the wrong portion size, this is not exactly easy to avoid.

If you must always consume the right portion size, one way to do so is by feeding on natural weight loss powder. The reason for this is quite straight-forward. It is very easy to monitor the protein you consume when feeding on organic meal replacement shakes. With organic meal replacement shakes, you can always get the right quantity of food that your body needs to stay full for a fairly long time. When you do this constantly you can avoid blood sugar spikes. That, however, is not all. It can help with weight maintenance and keep the body in an overall healthy condition.