Cameron’s One Year Update!


Ok I know, I rarely blog anymore.  Does anyone still read? Anyone? Bueller?  It’s fine, even if I’m writing to myself over here, I figured I needed to write an update on Cameron since it’s been a full year!  If you recall, he came into this world a bit early and unexpected, but absolutely perfect.Cameron’s One Year Update! 1I have heard before that no two babies are the same, and I would say that only sort of qualifies in the case of my two babies.  Both Paige and Cameron were predictable babies, getting on a schedule fairly early on.  Neither of them were “easy” but also not difficult.  No colic or uncontrollable crying, generally easy to please.  Paige slept through the night at 6-weeks (yes, you read that right) and Cameron? Well, he still sometimes wakes up at 3am and I feed him (I know, I swore I’d never do that, but here I am!).  I don’t really mind it, to be honest, it’s a nice time for Cameron and I to have some peace and quiet, mommy-son time.  Do I enjoy the 50% of the time he sleeps through the night? Hell yes.

Another big difference between the two of my children is the nursing.  With Paige I exclusively pumped , but with Cameron he nursed well from the moment he was born.  I did have both of their frenulums cut, but I think with Paige I wasn’t patient enough to allow her to learn how to nurse with her “new tongue”.  Looking back, I regret that.

Cameron is my snuggle bug.  He snuggles constantly.  Nick and I say he likes to burrow into his bed (that’s when we know he’s tired) and he does the same thing on our chests.  He especially loves burrowing into me (probably because I have boobs!).  When he starts laying his head on my shoulder and sucking his thumb, I know he’s tired.Cameron’s One Year Update! 2Cameron had about six ear infections up until he was eleven months, when I finally got ear tubes put in.  Since then? Zero.  Thank goodness.

Cameron is a picky eater, compared to Paige at this age.  He loves meat and likes some vegetables but really doesn’t have any interest in fruit.  Paige used to eat anything I put in front of her.  Of course I’m not going to stop giving Cameron all foods, I will continue offering all foods he has shunned, in hopes that one day he will try and like them!  He really enjoys meatballs with sauce, pasta, dried fruit (not fresh), butternut squash, avocado toast and yogurt.  I plan to continue nursing him until he’s 24 months, or until he weans himself.  I would like to nurse in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night (and give him one cup of milk or yogurt everyday as well).  Here is his current eating schedule;

  • 6am/7am nurses (probably gets 2-3 ounces)
  • 8am eats breakfast at babysitter’s (whole grain waffle, muffin, banana, yogurt, Cheerios, That’s It bars )
  • 10:30am bottle or nurse
  • 11:00/12 lunch — loves meat sauce and pasta, meatballs, squash, carrots, baked beans, avocado toast, pizza, pumpkin, peas (sometimes), green beans (sometimes)
  • 3pm bottle or nurse (after he turns one this will be yogurt or milk)
  • 5/5:30pm dinner (he isn’t a huge dinner eater, he typically eats about 3 Tbsp worth of food)
  • 7pm nurse, goes to bed

Cameron never stops moving.  He gets into everything and is curious about the world.  If I bring him anywhere, he wants down so he can crawl at the speed of light and just explore all nooks and crannies.  Cameron is close to walking, but still prefers to drop to her knees and crawl (because he’s fast as hell!).

Cameron loves to smile, laugh, and also whine for mommy. Literally the moment I get home he can’t get enough of me.  He basically wants me to hold him from the moment I get home until the moment he goes to sleep.  The best way to make him happy though (other than me picking him up) is with a nice walk in the stroller. He just sits there and watches everything, and doesn’t make a sound. It’s the cutest thing.  Sometimes I carry him in my B’jorn but shit he’s heavy!Cameron’s One Year Update! 3There are many things I’m looking forward to about the next year, for starters I’m looking forward to merging his two naps into one.  It’s difficult to make any weekend plans when there are two naps I need to plan around.  I’m also looking forward to pumping less at work (I was pumping three times, now I’m pumping twice, and in a few months I plan to go to one time). I’m looking forward to Cameron “playing more”, rather than mindlessly just making a mess.  I love it when they start learning how to do things….you know?

There are of course things I’m not looking forward to; mainly..two year molars.  I recall Paige getting hers around a year and a half and it was miserable for all parties.Cameron’s One Year Update! 4And last year’s photo…..Cameron’s One Year Update! 5I will say it was rough at first, with a two and a half year old and a newborn.  It especially got rough when Paige turned three and she, surprisingly, got even more difficult than she was at two and a half.  Everyone had warned me that age three was the most difficult, but I insisted they were wrong; “it can’t get worse”, I would say.  Well, it did.  After buying about ten books on Amazon to try to figure out how to deal with our strong-willed, shy, reserved, yet completely outgoing and energetic child, I think I’ve figured her out.  An update on Paige is next on the blog. Stay tuned!

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