Grand Opening and a WINNER!

There are many rules about blogging when you work in the corporate world. Because of those rules, I wasn’t allowed to post about the opening of the first Market District in Ohio until after it opened. Well, it’s October 16th, and the newest Market District has now been open to the public since Thursday!

I can’t show you pictures from the inside, but I will show you my dietitian sign;This is displayed right over my head so that all customers know where to find me. And look, it’s spelled correctly! Not that I would expect anything less from Market District. If you want to go on a virtual tour of the Market District in Pittsburgh, which is very similar to the one in Ohio, check out their website.

Here are some pictures from outside;Most of these pictures were taken while construction was still underway.

Did I mention that I am now neighbors with Nick? Yep, he opened a new restaurant right next door!

Yes, the dietitian is dating the manager of Burgers, Dogs, and Fries. But don’t fret. They also sell locally made veggie burgers, which are apparently amazing. Why don’t I know firsthand? They contain onion and garlic, which as you all know causes me mad bloating and gas. I think I’ll pass. They also sell turkey dogs and turkey burgers, and may even start selling whole wheat buns soon!

Nick and I both happen to work less than a mile from our home. We both plan on riding our bikes to work on most days, but as of now we only have one bike, so he’s been riding it and I’ve been driving. I hope to buy him a bike of his own for Christmas.

On opening day the place was PACKED! I made about 700 of these….

I called it a pumpkin and yogurt parfait:

– 1 layer pumpkin (pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg)

– 1 layer Stonyfield Banilla yogurt (banana and vanilla!)

– Sprinkling of walnuts

– Squirt of whipped cream

At home you could make this parfait in a pretty parfait dish. This was a HUGE hit!!

I’m loving my job so far, and everyone with whom I work. Yes, it’s a TON of work (even on my days off…) but overall it’s a job I hope to have for a very long time. Please come visit soon!

And by the way….the winner of my giveaway is…… KIMMY J!!! Please e-mail me your address at [email protected]

Now I’m off to get ready for the big OSU game tonight against Wisconsin. Nick and I are planning on watching the game in the privacy of our own home, while sipping on some Oktoberfest beer  Have a fatastic and healthy weekend everyone!

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