A Day of Hiking


Today’s post is going to be almost wordless. Why? I don’t feel like typing. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Before I share my pics I want to say HAPPY NATIONAL EAT YOUR VEGGIES DAY!! Yeah, who knew, right?! In honor of this day I plan to eat some pumpkin, cucumbers, squash, and fresh tomatoes. How about you?

Yesterday we went to The Inn at Cedar Fall s in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Our plan was to do some hiking, eat a nice lunch, then get a massage, but after the hike we were so tired and ready to go home, we skipped the massage! We were exhausted and a massage would have put us to sleep. Plus we couldn’t all get in at one time, which was a real bummer.

Here are the pictures of our day trip, with as few words as possible.

A Day of Hiking 1

A Day of Hiking 2

A Day of Hiking 3A Day of Hiking 4A Day of Hiking 5A Day of Hiking 6

Right as we started our hike we realized (obviously, after three days of RAIN) it was really muddy. We ended up hiking about 10 miles. That may not sound like a lot, but our bodies felt each one of those miles! There were a ton of hills, and zero flat land. I didn’t take many pictures because a lot of the scenery was kind of ugly (from the rain). I did take pictures of the beautiful water falls.

A Day of Hiking 7A Day of Hiking 8A Day of Hiking 9A Day of Hiking 10

This is the fire tower that marked the half-way point.

A Day of Hiking 11A Day of Hiking 12

The view from the top.A Day of Hiking 13We stopped at a market on the way home. They sold tons of plants, plus some fresh tomatoes, zucchini, onion, cucumber, peaches, and rhubarb! I ate some of the tomato and zucchini when we got home. They both tasted heavenly.

A Day of Hiking 14

This is me, Susan, and Ruth (two family friends of ours).
We had to get a picture on the wagon

A Day of Hiking 15Coming Up

Tomorrow I will post about fat. Hopefully after tomorrow’s post you will love it as much as I do.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for stopping by.

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