Although We Aren’t Married……

We bought a house together, and we couldn’t be happier.Although… 1Although our new house is small and in need of updates…..

We love it.Although… 2Although we paid a lot for such a tiny house…..

The neighborhood and schools make it completely worth the money.

Although the floors and cabinets in our kitchen are pretty awful…..

The marble counter-tops, tons of cabinet space, and window to the outside (which I did NOT have in the apartment) make up for it.Although… 3Although… 4Although… 5

Although the curtains that came with our small dining room are pretty ugly….

We’re able to deal with them for the time being.Although… 6Although there is a gigantic maple tree in our front yard that is going to cost us $1000 to prune and manicure……Although… 7The back yard and the giant garage are perfect. We already know where our garden will go, and I no longer have to park in a parking lot!Although… 8Although… 9

Although our living room needs painted, needs blinds, and new curtains (yikes)……

The hardwood floor and giant fireplace sold us right away.Although… 10Although the closet space throughout the house is pretty lousy…….

I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is ok to make the laundry room into his closet (he’s still working on perfecting the “look”. He is a laundry fanatic, he actually loves having his closet in the laundry room!).Although… 11The largest closet is the one upstairs. I haven’t even filled it yet. That’s awesome.Although… 12Although the upstairs carpet is uglier than sin……

I finally have an office where I can escape and find peace. I still use the ironing board for my “stand up desk”, but we plan on putting a shelf in soon.Although… 13Although… 14Although I already miss the apartment gym…..

I purchased a yoga mat, 5 pound ankle weights, and an ab ball to use in addition to my weights and resistance band. We are also located right next to a park and running path!Although… 15Although my bathroom is small and needs updated eventually…..

It’s my own and I can finally take baths.Although… 16Although the basement isn’t really “finished”…..

Nick finally has a place to himself where he can escape and find peace (this is the bathroom that is located in the laundry room. Yeah it’s kind of strange to have a random shower and toilet in the laundry room, but it’s a full bathroom!).Although… 17Although… 18Sorry, we’re still working.Although… 19Although our master bedroom is not complete (we are waiting to paint before we hang our pictures and do more decorating. We are also waiting for our bedding to come in the mail any day!)…Although… 20Although… 21
We do have a guest bedroom, so you’re welcome any time! Yes, it also needs some updates.Although… 22Although we have about 5 years of work to put into this place, Nick and I are ready for the challenge. We bought this house knowing we would be spending a lot of money to make it perfect. We are in no rush to get it completely updated, as long as it’s ready by the time wea) have kids and b) want to sell it! We are simple people and it doesn’t take much to make us happy. We’ve moved to the best suburb in Columbus and we are so proud. Thanks for stopping by  Come again!

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Coming Up

Today Nick and I are going to start tackling the yard (if it stops raining). I also have some work to do for work, which will mainly involve getting caught up on class preparation and dietary consultations! Tomorrow, or Tuesday, I will post about some new meals I’ve created, and I’ll also give you a look inside our cabinets and freezer.

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